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Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY Idea: Ribbon Wands

It’s DIY Thursday! And we have the perfect alternative to the boring old confetti and rice for when you and your groom walk out the church as man and wife: ribbon wands! They are easy to make, can be used later in the evening when you leave the ceremony and make a cute memento...

What you will need:

  • Long wooden skewers – the ones that you use to make sosaties are fine (from any supermarket or grocery store). Preferably the ones without the sharp pointed don’t want the flowergirls poking their eyes out!

  • Approx 30cm - 60cm ribbon in your wedding colors. You can decide on the length here, but make sure all the ribbons you use have the same length. You can opt for one ribbon colour or a few in your wedding colours, thick or thin. Moi Decor has the most stunning collection of fabric ribbons in the most beautiful colours. In this example they have used thin satin ribbon in three colours. More ribbon makes more impact!


Simply cut the ribbon in your desired length. If the ribbon is thin you can get away with tying it tightly on the skewer. If they are slightly thicker you may need some Bostik to glue the ribbon to the skewer. See what works best and test it before your big day!

This DIY project was created by Project Wedding
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