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Friday, August 31, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: The Husband Checklist

As modern women of the world we want the whole package, especially when it comes to a husband. We’re no longer complacent and satisfied with a mere ‘provider’. We want our man to be sensitive, an excellent cook, intimate, emotionally open, financially successful, an energetic Father-to-be and our best companion.

As a Bride-to-be I want you to think back to your giggling, blushing teenage days and recall if you ever made a Husband wish list…? Come on, I know you wrote it down somewhere. Well, it would be interesting to look back and make a comparison with your now fiancé. As a teenager, our world’s view and life experiences are limited, so our list is often unrealistic. There are also way too many Hollywood fairy tale influences that in fact set us up for disappointment in our adult life.

But now that you’ve got a few more years of maturity under your belt, you’ve probably chosen a man with very few ticks on your original wish list. That’s okay. Whether you’ve chosen a Mr Good Guy, Mr Reliable, Mr Gorgeous, Mr Nerd or Mr Bad Boy, I’m sure you’ve found the right match for you.

Here is my breakdown of the realistic core aspects of most successful Husbands:

H- Has values & morals that align with yours
U- Unconditional love & respect for you and family
S- Strives to be a better man in all that he does
B- Builds a successful career
A- Aims to make you happy
N- Negotiates when you argue or make decisions
D- Dreams of the future with you

Now, ladies please don’t get your veil in a twist if your husband-to-be doesn’t match up to every single criteria, although, I’m sure he has most of them and that’s why you said, ‘yes’. Remember, we are all unique individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses and no two relationships are ever the same. What counts, is that you have found a partner to experience life with and grow together through the ups and downs. As long as he is Mr Right for you and makes you happy then that is all that matters.

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Tip for the Bride-to-be: Accept right now that you will never be able to ‘fix’ your Husband! It is only with time, unconditional love and respect that many Husbands make the transformation themselves. The following quote captures this essence: “A wife’s compassion can bring more healing to a man’s heart than any amount of money or medicine.” ~ Anon

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*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heavenly Highveld Winter Wedding

With tomorrow officially being the last day of Winter, we thought we would share this stunning Highveld Winter wedding with you. Charlene and Gerhard got married in July and their photographer was the lovely Stella Uys. This pretty pastel wedding was held at farm style wedding venue Lezar Opstal in Heidelberg, just outside of Jozi. We love the rustic barn look which paired so nicely with the polished table settings. It was also great luck that it was such a warm pleasant day! For more on this lovely wedding, click here.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spring Inspiration Board

YAY! We are so happy that Winter is (almost) over and Spring is finally on its way! And to celebrate we thought we would share a lovely Inspiration Board we found on our favourite colour palette site, The Perfect Palette. It's a true source of wonderful eye candy when it comes to looking for colour swatches for your wedding. We're loving this peach and green combo! It's fresh and funky and perfect for Spring. For more boards, click here.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: What about your MOB? (Mother of the Bride)

Your Mother has been with you through all the ups and downs in your life! Now that you’re all grown up and about to become a wife, the role of your Mom is invaluable. She is your ‘magic well’ of support and reassurance during the exciting and stressful planning of your wedding day.

Traditionally, the responsibility of the MOB was to plan her daughter’s entire wedding day. The saying ‘mothers know best’ was the first rule. The modern day MOB generally takes more of a backseat. The independent women of today are generally getting married later in life and have their own ideas of what is best. Even so, the MOB of today have become a trustworthy right hand to the Bride who allocate tasks in the planning of the wedding day.

The MOB’s main responsibilities:

• The Dress: a special task that bonds a mother and daughter is the choosing of your beautiful gown that will transform you from her little girl into an exquisite Bride.

• Wedding reception venue: this will take some perseverance as there are many stunning venues to choose from these days but your Mom can keep you level-headed, suggest pros and cons and share with you her wisdom to help you choose a spot swiftly.

• The Budget: if you are lucky, your parents will be contributing a fair amount to your special day, so it’s important to constantly keep your Mom informed of costs so that she can assist with fair budget ‘management’.

• The Elegant hostess: this is also a day for your Mom to shine in this role. She is to greet guests, mingle and make sure everyone is happy and having a good time - a very familiar role for her.

Tips for your MOB’s dress:

• Style: she should keep cleavage and skin to a minimum even if it's her normal flare. A mid-length or long dress with a jacket is very classy or a tailored pant suit can be worn if more comfortable.

• Colour: white, ivory or champagne choices are frowned upon. Rather look at shades of blue, pink, green or lavender that will enhance your Mom’s natural beauty. Don’t select a colour that is too similar to the bridesmaids.

• Compliment: make sure that both Mothers in the bridal party share and discuss their outfits so as to avoid any duplication or clashing. They don’t have to match but their outfits should blend beautifully in the wedding photographs. Can you picture a burnt orange and soft pink duo- rather tacky and not something you will want to frame!

Keep your bridesmaids close but your Mom even closer as she will be your infinite source of strength, patience, honesty and unconditional love. She is irreplaceable and planning your wedding is a very memorable chapter for both of you.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: After the big day spoil your Mom to a day spa voucher or a special gift that will show your appreciation for all the help, hours of listening and support she gives you.

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*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection. Photo credits: {}

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage decor ideas for your wedding

With vintage being quite a popular decor style for many brides, we decided to ask Carla from Moi Decor what she recommends to produce that vintage look effortlessly.

"The key thing is to not worry if everything doesn’t match exactly. It doesn’t have to be perfect," says Carla. The charm with going vintage with a shabby chic or even a rustic twist is that it's laid back and you have carte blanche in terms of matching what you like. The trick is to not go too overboard or get it too cluttered.

Vintage books as props or centrepieces:
Books piled up and bound with string or twine is a lovely way to incorporate the vintage theme. You can take it a step further by also opening the books and have them function as a display for your table number and your menu.
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These add a touch of nostalgia and are a great prop to create a vintage display. If you can get an older typewriter to work, even better, as it can function as tool for your guestbook table where your guests can write a message.

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Milk cans and crates: Tap into the barnyard country chic look with some of these items to add authenticity and focal points for your event.
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This is also an easy way to set the vintage tone and they make great props for photos. You can use suitcases for confetti, your guest cards, or to house your wedding favours.
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This is a great way to display your table seating or your menu. You can even use it as a backdrop for photos.
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Lemonade bottles and Glass Beverage dispensers:
This is a great touch for your beverage table and creates a wonderful focal point. Dress up your little bottles with some ribbon and use some cute straws to perfect the look.
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Old school scales are also a great way to add some vintage cuteness to either your buffet or candy table (use them as tart or cakes stands) or a guest table, with some pretty flowers placed on top.
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Baby trophies and teacups:
These are so cute and can be peppered throughout the table settings, housing little roses or just left plain as is.

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Photo credit: {moidecor}

For some DIY tips, consider handmade bunting or pom poms (tutorial can be found here) and some country flowers such as lavender and babys breath.

For more ideas on how to perfect your vintage look for your big day, visit Happy Planning!

Monday, August 20, 2012

{Etsy find of the week}: Veils & Beyond

If we come across a cute little find on Etsy Weddings, we will be sure to profile it here on Mondays. We’re currently obsessed with Mantilla Veils, which add an elegant and sophisticated touch to most bridal looks. With birdcage veils being quite popular these days, seeing a traditional Spanish Veil such as these is a refreshing and timeless.

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VeilsandBeyond on are one such creator of these stunning veils. They are typically cut so it curves softly around the shoulders, with a clear plastic comb is sewn on the top front of the veil, under the lace. They can be worn anywhere on the head - on top of your head to fall like a traditional mantilla but can be worn on the back of your head and under/over a hairdo.

You also have a choice of a variety of lengths starting from the “elbow” length to the longer and more regal looking “cathedral” length.

View VeilsandBeyond’s store on Etsy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: The origin of wedding traditions

When the wedding day arrives, many Bridal couples become unknowingly superstitious. There’s a certain comfort and reassurance we get from these rituals. No bride or groom will dare take the chance of seeing their fiancé before walking down the aisle. And let’s not forget the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue for extra good luck!

Many couples incorporate “traditions” into their ceremony and reception. It's interesting to look into the history and significance of these quaint acts that have always been seen to bestow protection, good luck and fertility on the happy couple.

Here are a few of the most popular:


In Shakespearean times, women carried aromatic bunches of herbs and flowers to mask the pungent smell of body odour in the stuffy churches as bathing only occurred sporadically. Other bouquets consisted of garlic, herbs and grains that were to drive evil spirits away. Over time, the prettier scent and look of flowers became more popular, thank goodness for us today! Specific flowers have special meanings in many cultures, often symbolizing happiness and everlasting love. In Hawaii & India both the bride and groom are adorned with blossoms. There are many books containing glossaries with the significance of every flower so be sure to consult one when planning your bouquet.


It may seem like quite a waste but it was an ancient fertility rite where handfuls of grain or nuts were traditionally thrown onto the wedding couple because they are 'life-giving' seeds. In some European countries, eggs were thrown instead. You can be glad that you don’t have to have eggs splattered on your R20 000 wedding dress- Eeek! Some modern day equivalents of this tradition is throwing rose petals or blowing bubbles from soapy scented bottles as the couple leaves the chapel.

Until the 1900’s, Brides hardly ever bought a special wedding dress and would wear their best outfit instead. These poor ladies never got to feel like a ‘princess’ for a day. White Dresses were made popular by Queen Victoria, who broke the tradition of royals marrying in Silver. Symbolising purity and virginity, white was also thought to ward off evil spirits. Another tradition is that the bride should never try on the entire bridal outfit before the day as this could be seen to ‘jinx’ the wedding celebration.

For many decades, bridesmaids wore similar dresses to the Bride. This tradition began as a form of protection against evil rather than for purposes of uniformity. The Bride would blend in and this would trick evil spirits or jealous suitors who may have wanted to harm the Bride.

The tradition of a "best man" probably began when it was customary and preferable for eligible bachelors to seek out and capture their Bride-to-be. The Groom-to-be would choose a strong, reliable man who would assist and help fight off any opposition. The best man was also responsible for safe guarding the wedding rings. Nowadays, ring bearers range from teeny toddlers to the family pet.


In ancient times, the breaking of bread was done as part of a fertility ceremony. Some cultures during fugal times, every member of the community or village would get a piece of the wedding cake to ensure good luck, even if it was only a crumb. Single ladies would sleep with a piece under their pillow which was seen to bring them dreams of their future husbands.

One of the oldest wedding rituals comes from the ancient custom of witnesses to the marriage bed who were assigned this duty to ensure that the couple consummated their marriage. The marriage was only valid and legally binding until after it had been consummated. The witnesses would bring forth the garter as a sign of the witnessing. You can imagine what a violation of privacy this was and eventually a very wise and determined bride insisted that the groom throw it into the crowd to prove consummation.

Over The Threshold
Generations ago it was considered lady-like for the new bride to appear hesitant at "giving herself" to her new husband, whether she was or not. At the threshold to the bridal chamber, the husband would often have to carry the bride over to encourage her to go in. During the days of "Marriage by Capture," brides were certainly not going to stroll peacefully into the groom's abode and would normally be putting up a fight to protect her virtue, so often she had to be dragged or carried across the threshold.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Incorporating some of these rituals on your wedding day will offer you a way of honouring all brides before you and add some extra fun.

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*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Need dresses for your Bridesmaids?

I’ve heard this time and time again: bridesmaids dresses are one of the headaches when it comes to planning a wedding. The budget is either nonexistent/minimal or the bridesmaids have to pay for the dress themselves (and then they want to choose something they will want to wear post wedding). And if you decide to get a dress made, it doesn't always come out the way you want it.

One of the ways to help the decision making process along regarding choosing dresses for your bevy of beauties is to consider the Convertible Dress. It flatters any body shape and size, it's affordable and comes in a myriad of colours, so choosing one to go with your wedding palette shouldn’t be too difficult. Your bridesmaids are bound to wear this dress again because it's versatile and can be adjusted to fit in many different styles.

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You can choose between the long and the short dress and also have your flower girls in the same little outfit.

One of the preferred suppliers in the region is Gelique Convertible Dresses, who are based in Pretoria and also have a stall at the Rosebank and Irene Fleamarkets. For more info, visit

Monday, August 13, 2012

Top Tips on your First Dance

The First Dance at your wedding is the first shared “task” as man and wife and signifies a noteworthy moment for the newly married couple. It also sets the mood and tone of your reception. Charis McKeever, owner of JC Dance Studio, has the following tips to help enhance your confidence on the dance floor and make your First Dance a memorable one. “The wedding dance doesn’t need to be technically perfect, only to look natural and be enjoyed by the couple,” says Charis.

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Choose the right instructor. If you’re comfortable it will reflect in your dancing.
Pick a song you both love. Any good dance teacher will be able to adapt a dance to suit.
Give yourself time to learn the new moves. Anything from eight to 12 one hour lessons is ideal.
Don’t over choreograph your routine.
Practise in your wedding shoes so that you both can get used to them.
Arrange a venue run through with your teacher so that you can get a feel for the dance space.
Have fun! No matter what happens on the day, no one else knows your steps and if you look like your enjoying yourselves, they’re unlikely to notice little mistakes.

To book lessons with JC Dance studio, email Charis ( or call 083 727 0349 or visit

Friday, August 10, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Good Guest Guide

That’s right! Your guests are an essential part of what makes your wedding day extra special! As Bride and Groom, you’ve plenty of regulations and strict plans to follow to ensure your dream wedding unfolds perfectly. You definitely don’t need your guests adding to your stress!

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We’ve all seen those hilarious YouTube clips of wedding guests, that after a few too many, perform acrobatic dance moves that end up with tables, the cake or flowers sprawling out all over. Or the merry guest who gets a hold of the microphone and confesses true (but humiliating) stories from way back when. You can avoid any unruly guests spoiling this memorable occasion by passing on this informative article that will advise your guests on how to be on their best behaviour.

Top 10 Guest Tips for the Bride-to-be

The following are a list of polite requirements that you should be able to expect from your guests:

1. A Prompt RSVP
All the wedding plans and budgets are dependent on the number of guests attending. Waiting for replies is one of the most annoying issues for the bridal couple.

2. Guests should not ask for a ‘plus 1’
That means that guests cannot assume that their new partner of 2 months will automatically be invited. If the invite doesn’t specifically say, ‘James & Partner’ then you have to fly solo.

3. Arrive early
It's very rude to be late for the ceremony so guests should leave at least 15 minutes spare in case they have trouble with directions or get lost. Guests should not choose to skip the ceremony and just attend the reception, this is not only rude but also inconsiderate.

4. Keep drinking under control
It may be an open-bar but guests remain realistic and respect that there is a limit. There is a wide range of ages attending such an occasion so keep your dignity intact.

5. Suitable attire should be worn
Please NO white. There are NO excuses! There are all the other colours in the rainbow to choose from. The invitation will indicate whether it is more formal or informal.

6. Switching tables is not allowed
The Bride & Groom spend several hours planning and arranging the tables in relation to family and who will get on well with each other, so no playing musical chairs.

7. Guests must buy from the registry
This guarantees that the Bridal couple will be gifted with something that they definitely want/need. The only alternative to this is money bridal couples can always use this.

8. Giving a gift even if a guest is unable to attend
It is courtesy for those who are invited, who cannot attend the wedding, still send/give the bridal couple a gift.

9. It is a courtesy to stay until the cake is cut
This is usually the signal for the older folk that they can now leave and if need be can be a cue for any other guest who would also like to leave.

10. Guests must not publish any wedding photos
With social media buzzing around us all the time, guests should have the sensitivity not to upload photos to Facebook and steal the Bride & Groom’s sharing the magic of their own special moments after becoming Mr & Mrs.

You still want your guests to feel relaxed and enjoy the day but these tips are good reminders that can help avoid any unnecessary issues. Be wise on your choice of guests too, you ideally want only those people that support you and your Groom and are excited to share your happy event.

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*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Planning a wedding isn't easy....

...but that's what we're here for! To help navigate your way through your wedding planning. Now that you’re engaged (YAY!) where, oh where, to start planning your wedding? For some practical tips on what to look at regarding wedding planning, read our article on the top 10 actions to take when you’ve just gotten engaged.

But what about inspiration and budget tip and dress tips and, and, and? What if you don’t know your sage from your duck egg blue?

Well, in this day and age wedding planning and inspiration seeking has become so easy with the help of digital platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and blogs such as this one. So. If you're at a loss as to where to start looking, why not:

  • Buy a few wedding magazines to start getting the creative juices flowing. They cover all aspects of wedding planning from invites to food to decor to your dress.
  • Start thinking about your colour palette. A blog that we love for this inspiration is The Perfect Palette. Browse through the colour palettes and start zoning in one what kind of look and feel you want for your wedding.
  • Once you’ve got an idea of what it is you like, start browsing (or if you have an account, start pinning) on Pinterest. This is truly a revolutionary site that will scintillate the senses when it comes to all aspects of wedding planning. Don't know where to start? Check out our Pinterest page! And Facebook needs no introduction of course. Blogs that we love include Lovilee and Oh Darling Bride. is also fabulous to check out.
  • Other posts that have helped our brides in the past include:
    Our Top 5 Wedding Venues in Gauteng
    To Favour or not to Favour
    Seating plan & Guest list tips
    Our Top Tips when choosing a wedding photographer
    Wedding Dress types for your body
    Budget beating tips for your fab day

  • We hope that this article has been somewhat enlightening and helps you a little more in planning your perfect wedding.

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    Friday, August 3, 2012

    {Aisle Say by Candice}: Pennies Instead of Pressies

    Once upon a time newly wed couples relied on wedding gifts from their guests to set up their cosy nest. Recent bridal surveys reveal that 60% of modern couples now ask for money instead. While seemingly boring and uncreative, it's actually one of the most appreciated and practical gifts. Let’s face it, there is not a single person who has ever tried to return money.

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    Most guests are relieved and happy to be able to give cash instead of searching for the ‘right’ gift. Money is what will truly help the bride and groom instead of duplicate items that will gather dust in a cupboard. It's a common courtesy to let your guests know what the ‘moola’ will be spent on so they feel that they've contributed towards a specific item: Your honeymoon, a dishwasher, a new lounge suite, a king size bed etc.

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    A good way to ask for your pennies without offending anyone is to find a little verse/poem that suits you as a couple and can get your request across in a polite way, for example:

    Conservative: "As we already have a lot of household items, we hope you won't mind us asking for money instead of traditional wedding gifts. We're planning to spend the money on..."

    Thoughtful: "If you were thinking of giving a gift, to help us on our way. A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day. However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way."

    Humorous: "Because at first we lived in sin, we've got the sheets and a rubbish bin. A gift from you would be swell, but we'd prefer a donation to our Wishing Well!!"

    Clever: "To save you looking, shopping or buying. Here is an idea, we hope you like trying. Come to our wedding, to wish us both well. And bring this small sack, to throw in our wishing well. Fill it with paper all colours will do, gold is our favourite but silver will do. Now that we have saved you, all that fuss. We hope you will come, and celebrate with us."

    Photo credit: {}

    At the wedding you will need to organise a designated place where guests can leave their gift of money. Here are a few ideas:

    A money tree: guests can clip their envelopes onto a tree representation. It can look very effective and be a lovely symbol of growth. Watch out though for the risk of theft.

    A birdcage: can be easily hired and beautifully decorated with ribbons, flowers and hearts, and is a safer option.

    A gift box: made from strong cardboard or light ply wood, it can be painted to match your wedding colours and is very practical!

    In the Greek and Polish cultures, it's customary to pin money to the Bride’s dress during what they call the ‘money dance’. This is a great idea, so why not start a new tradition for yourself? Either way you view it, money is always well received and there will always be a need for it.

    Tip for the Bride-to-be: There will still be some people that don’t like to give money as a gift. Therefore, it's a good idea to set-up a small gift registry for some practical items or décor pieces that you would like for those who choose this option.

    Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After...

    *With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection