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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gina & Richard's Wedding at Lethabo Estate

A friend of mine, Gina, got married in January at the wonderful Lethabo Estate, set on the banks of the Crocodile River, just outside of Jozi. The superb Blackframe Photography team were the photographers of the day and as always, captured the spirit of both Gina and her hubby Richard in all their fun loving glory. What I love about their photographs is that they lend to a timeless, classic look without being over the top or ‘overly posed’.

With touches of vintage peppered throughout the decor and props, Gina captured her vision for the theme of ‘Vintage Music’ beautifully. She used music paper used for the bonbonnierres, confetti cones and the garlands. Not too bad considering she planned the event from the UK and flew down 3 days before her wedding! We also totally love the cake topper – such a cute idea.

We wish Gina and Richard love and light as a married couple, now living in the UK.

Photo credits: {Blackframe Photography}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday!

Iron Fist actually have damn nice shoes. And if you're the rock'n roll type bride, why not? There is an Iron Fist store in Montecasino and The Zone @ Rosebank. They have quite a range, so if tulle and pastel aint your thing, check them out!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

To “First Look” or not to “First Look”?

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a new(ish) wedding photography concept in town and it goes by the name of “First Look”. This is when the bride and groom meet and take a “First Look” at each other dressed in wedding attire just before the bride walks down the aisle.

The big debate is whether this is a good thing or not, because as almost all of you know, the groom seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding is said to be:
* bad luck;
* a break of tradition;
* robbing the family and friends of being in that moment when the bride and groom lock eyes as she walks down the aisle;
* .

I know many people who already lived together before they got married and the first look during the ceremony was one of the last pieces of tradition they had left when it came to the wedding. Which is fine ... if that is what you really want.

Photo credit:{}

But is it...?

There are many advocates of the “First Look” and here’s why:

From a photography point of view, capturing the first intimate moment between bride and groom makes for wonderful, personal pics because there is more time. The raw emotion between just the two of them is something that’ll probably never be replicated in their lives again and there isn’t a rush-rush-rush–ness to it. Think about as a couple get to savour this once in a lifetime moment without 150 people oggling you.

It also de-stresses the flow of the day, as:
* the bride and groom are a little bit more relaxed when they are saying their I Dos;
* there's no worrying about the length of the photo taking after the ceremony and how the (often bored) guests are doing on the canapes;
* the bridal couple get to enjoy the canapés too, which in turn leaves the guests more at ease.

In Winter months,the (technical) advantage of the “First Look” is that the couple get awesome natural light which they may not have had othwerwise.

In Summer months, make-up and hair looks ‘fresher’ in the images taken before the ceremony. South African Summers are no joke, so this is a biggie for me who tends to combust in heat.

Photo credit:{}

So. To recap (in order to sell the idea to your significant other and interested parties): First Look = more time = less rush = less stress = more fun.

And if you're a cry baby like me, your make-up won’t look half as bad during the ceremony... which is always a bonus! So I am pro “First Look”!

How about you?

Friday, March 23, 2012

New decor items from Moi Decor

Happy Friday friends! We hope you had a great (shorter) week with an even nicer weekend ahead. For those of you who missed it, last weekend was Duncan Yard’s first ever Intimate Wedding Affair. This quaint little centre, also home to Moi Decor and other fabulous vendors such as Beautiful Beginnings and the Deli on Duncan, set the scene for wedding show with handpicked vendors.

We loved Moi’s display of their rental decor, which they have expanded to include more vintage items such as the distressed shutters, little glass bottles and wedding words. For more on these items, download their latest catalogue here or visit their website.

Photo credit: {}

Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY project: Tulips wrapped in burlap (hessian)

Sorry for the late post this week. It’s been quite busy and the public holiday just added to the business. We do hope you had a lovely Human Rights Day though!

We love simple DIY projects, and this one is one of them and is so pretty. It makes a perfect little thank you gift or bridesmaid bouquet. All you need are some tulips (6 or so) a square piece of hessian and some pretty ribbon and voila! You have a perfect bouquet. Get the free printable and full DIY tutorial here.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday

Some pretty yellow shoes to brighten up your day!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Autumn Trends for 2012

After the sweltering summer we’ve just experienced, waking up to a cool breeze and a slight nip in the air is more than welcomed! We love Autumn; the crisp mornings, the cooler evenings, amber coloured leaves falling to the ground and no threat of rain... Also, wedding wise, you get more for your buck, so what’s not to love? If you’re getting married this Autumn, then check out our Autumn trends for 2012. Happy reading xx

Pies & Soup
The fabulously friendly dessert table now includes different sweet and savoury pies. In some cases, it is replacing the wedding cakes and cupcakes completely. Although we do love us some cake, so we aren’t really big on it replacing that absolutely. The usual salad starter is replaced with a seasonal soup and crusty breads.

Photo credits: {} {}

Navy & Charcoal & Metallics
Deep colours are back for bridesmaids dresses and accents, with the later leaning towards metallic’s for shoes, cakes, decorations and more.

Photo credits: {} {} {} {}

Capped sleeves, bolero jackets or even fitted lace sleaves ala Kate Middelton. The usually strapless or sweatheart neckline will give way to more detail around this décolletage this Autumn.

Photo credits: {} {} {}

Cozy receptions
With cooler weather, gatherings become more intimated, so comfy couches and coffee tables with throws are a nice addition to your reception area.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Duncan Yard's Intimate Bridal Affair

Save the Date for Duncan Yard’s first ever bridal show, the “Intimate Wedding Affair” on 17th & 18th March, where entrance is FREE!

Based in Pretoria, Duncan Yard is also home to wedding venue Pappas Restaurant (view post on a wedding held here) as well as a few wedding vendors who are tenants at the centre too: Moi Decor, Beautiful Beginnings, Lilac & Lime, Ilse Malan Jewellery and Hidden Jewell Hairstylis.

A variety of handpicked external exhibitors will also be the show, so this is a perfect opportunity to have a look at what’s on offer when it comes to your wedding.

So brides-to-be, browse the stores, have something to eat at the Deli on Duncan and enjoy the quaint atmosphere surrounding Duncan Yard. For more info, visit the event page on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage blue, blush and ivory inspiration board

Happy Monday friends! Better late than never! Wow, it’s been a busy day for us here at Teapots. Also thanks to the mention on yesterday’s City Press iMagazine, as spotted by Candice at Absolute Perfection! Thanks so much! Anyway, back to business...As an ode to the remnants of summer time, we’ve put together a colour palette inspired by the last lazy days of summer ...vintage blues, ivory and blush. Enjoy!

Photo credits: {}{}{}{}{}{}{}

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beautiful Birdie Baby Shower

We know we're a wedding blog, but sometimes we like to make way for baby showers too...after all, such is the cycle of life!

A cousin of the ladies at Moi Decor had a beautiful baby shower in January and as the mommy-to-be and her husband preferred not to know the gender of the little bebe, the brief was: no blues and pinks!

The shower was awash with gender neutral tones such as greys, soft browns and buttery yellows. And because vintage was the theme with birdie details, Moi’s pretty vintage birdcages, teacups, chalkboards and books were used. Everything looked gorgeous and needless to say, both mommy and baby had a lovely day... and got great gifts :)

For more on the items used in this shower, view Moi Decor’s rental catalogue here.