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Friday, December 14, 2012

FREE Christmas Printable Tags by Ribbon Weddings

One of our vendors specialising in stationery, Ribbon Weddings, has created the cutest FREE Christmas tag printables just for you! Chic and stylish, these tags will add the perfect touch to your Christmas Gifts. We love the retro feel to these!

Click here for your FREE printable

To make your Christmas tags:

1. Download the free printable file
2. Print it (with no scaling) on a reasonably thick paper
3. Cut out the tags
4. Punch a hole through the circle shape
5. Write your message on the back
6. Loop your ribbon through the hole to attach to gift

Tags courtesy of Ribbon Weddings.

Friday, November 30, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: What’s Your Marriage Recipe?

There are no more excuses in the 21st century for not being able to create and have the marriage you want. With greater equality and information available, the choice is now yours. You are the chef in the kitchen and can decide what ingredients you want to put into your marriage recipe.

Like most new relationships, it starts off spicy and delicious, you just can’t get enough. Over time, having the same dish repetitively becomes boring unless you add something different. They key is variation to keep it interesting. Often it is just that pinch of salt or sugar that can make all the difference just like the little gestures of love in your relationship that count and keep it together.

Photo credits: {}

After several years together, you will need to work a bit harder to keep the flavours alive. Remember to experiment with your recipe and be spontaneous. Adding new herbs can spice it up and improve it for the better. Also take note of the quantities you are mixing together because ideally you want to create a wholesome, balanced meal.

Just like a refined whiskey or smooth red wine, so too will your marriage recipe get better with time.

You and your husband get to define and create the recipe of the marriage you want. Whether it is spicy, sweet, savoury or zesty…enjoy concocting your unique mixture that will bring you fulfilment.

M- Make quality time for each other
A- Always be committed & honest
R- Respect, trust & love openly
R- Remember the power of communication
I- Initiate fun and spontaneity
A- Appreciate and accept your differences
G- Gratitude for each day
E- Evolve and share your dreams

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After....

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lauren & Kyle's Perfect Pizza Party

It isn’t every day that you profile a wedding where the reception was held at a pizzeria! But, then again, there is a first for everything! Lauren & Kyle got married in Pretoria in September and their photographers at 5 Talents Photography captured their ceremony and quirky reception at the famed Toni’s Fully Furbished Pizza Co. perfectly.

With mosaic patterns playing a role due to the venue’s incorporation of this design element, Terry from Ribbon Weddings made sure this and the green, blue, brown and yellow colour palette came together seamlessly. Admittedly, this wasn’t an easy colour combination or design theme, but Terry pulled it off, by incorporating a “Secret Garden” look with plenty foliage and fairy lights.

For more on this wedding, visit Terry’s post here or the post by 5 Talents Photography.

Photography: 5 Talents Photography
Reception: Toni's Fully Furbished Pizza Co.
Ceremony: Christ Church, Arcadia
Dress: Olivelli
Stationery: Ribbon
Flowers and Decor: Ribbon
Decor Hire: Moi Decor; Nici's Decor Hire; The Decor Hire Company

Friday, November 23, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Quick A-Z Wedding Tips

A- Attitude: Keep a check on each other so that neither of you become the dreaded ‘Bridezilla’ or ‘Groomzilla’

B- Budget: It is good to have a guideline right from the start and stick to it if you want to avoid financial burdens.

C- Children: You must decide if you want these little people and if your venue is child-friendly. Arrange a play corner to keep them busy.

D- Dress: Don’t rush, try on a variety and choose the gown that compliments your curves. You want to look and feel like a princess but still be comfortable.

E- Eco-friendly: Be practical and support local shops/markets with your selection of food, flowers and décor. Select food and flowers that will be in season on your wedding date.

F- Family: Be prepared for a few upsets but remember that on the day everyone will get on just fine. Nobody has the perfect family.

G- Gifts: Modern bridal couples prefer to have money as they’ve already organised their ‘nest’. It is more accepted to mention this in the wedding invitation.

H- Honeymoon: Ensure you have valid visas/passports and find out if you need any special injections beforehand.

I- Invest: It’s worth the time and money to do a Pre-Marriage Course, it will enrich your relationship.

J- Jealousy: Be aware that this can flare up between your bridesmaids. Allocate tasks and put boundaries in place so that each lady knows what’s expected of her.

K- Kit: Be prepared for any little glitches by having a Bride and Groom emergency box with headache pills, safety pins, plasters, anti-bacterial cream etc.

L- Love: Take a step back from all the planning and stress to reflect on what this day is all about. Your wedding is a celebration of a special commitment to the love of your life.

M- Mother of the Bride: Your Mom wants to look and feel amazing for this special occasion. Give her (and Mom-in-law) guidelines with the colours and styles that will compliment your theme.

N- Numbers: Everything comes down to this and guests can be slack about RSVP’ing on time. Have a list/file so you can continuously keep track of your guests and budget.

O- Old traditions: They have got deep origins and no wedding is truly complete without them. You can create your own new traditions too.

P- Priest: Choose a minister/wedding celebrant that you know or who has been referred. It’s a special ceremony and would be impersonal to experience it with a stranger.

Q- Quest: There is a lot of pressure to make the wedding night spectacular. Talk about how you feel and what you would like to do, remembering you have a lifetime ahead together to explore.

R- Rings: The Bride’s ring is all about the sparkle and bling. The Groom’s ring must be durable and comfortable to wear while working, exercising etc.

S- Signed: Your wedding contracts should be sealed and done before you walk down the aisle. It can feel awkward.

T- Toasts: Ensure that all the right people are thanked and acknowledged. Modern Brides are also starting to say a little speech.

U- Union: You may be joining together to form a single unit but you are both unique individuals. Learn to embrace these differences and how it can strengthen your marriage.

V- Vows: more couples are choosing to write their own as it is more personalized and from the heart.

W- Wedding planner: Save yourself a lot of stress. They can get quotes, samples and meetings planned for you as well as keep a budget and timeline check.

X- X-treme weather: Always have a plan B. Our weather patterns are busy changing and with nature there is no guarantee.

Y- Your Bachelor/ette: Discuss the boundaries when it comes to the cost, where and how. You both want to have a fun time but also need to make safety a priority.

Z- Zest: Remember you put the ingredients into your marriage so you have to keep checking the recipe and sometimes you have add in a new spice or try something different.

Photo credits: {} {} {} {}{} {}

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After....

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Magnificent wedding at Moon & Sixpence

Ilana & Herman got married in October at the wonderful Moon & Sixpence. Joburg based photographer Melanie Wessels captured their magical day. Ilana’s cousins Kari & Elmari are the brainchilds behind one of our favourite blogs and Ilana is the owner of Cosmetiek, a professional make up company which she runs. She also did her own make up for her big day, so this is one talented bunch! We love how she incorporated orange and coppers into her wedding even going as far as having carrot cupcakes! Ilana chose some of Moi Decor’s table number frames and planters as decor for her tables. To view more of this lovely wedding, visit

Photo credits: {}

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quaint wedding at Morrell's

We simply love the idea of quaint, intimate weddings that incorporate a cocktail evening into the mix. Today’s wedding is one that pulled it off superbly at Morrell’s Boutique venue in Northclif. Nichola and Kayne got in September 2011. Nichola, owner of Lila'ssence in Douglasdale, absolutely loves vintage and fell in love with Morrell’s the first time she went to visit the venue.

The couple opted for a small, cosy wedding with family and close friends with a relaxed cocktail style reception. And instead of going traditional, they chose a quirky cake which was inspired by Chockywockydoodah and was custom-made by Magnolia Cake & Bake in Helderkruin. (View the original cake here in one of our earlier T & T articles). It was definitely a winner with their guests! View some shots of their special day taken by Joburg based photographer Christopher Munton.

Photo credits:{}

Friday, November 16, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Opposites Attract

No matter how in love you are, the reality is that you are both unique and you are definitely going to have your differences. The aim is to not resist or try to convert one another but rather learn how to embrace, appreciate and allow these differences to compliment your relationship.

Now, we tend to assume that we know all our differences but to make sure you’re on the same page, here is a little exercise to do together. It clearly highlights some of the important aspects where your differences can cause possible problems. Generally, you will see how being opposite actually balances your relationship.

Together go down the list and make a mark against each issue where your preferences lie.

J = John and S = Sarah
Money: Spend S ________________________ J Save
Holidays: Adventure S J ________________________ Rest

Money: Spend ________________________ Save
Holidays: Adventure ________________________ Rest
Sleeping: Stay up late ________________________ Get up early
Disagreements: Confront ________________________ Keep peace
Planning: Stick to plans ________________________ Flexible, change easily
Exercise: Active and regular ________________________ Chill and do little
Tidiness: Tidy and organised ________________________ Messy and relaxed
Decisions: Spontaneous ________________________ Cautious
Socially: Extrovert ________________________ Introvert
Change: Easy and enjoy ________________________ Difficult and resist

It is advised that you and your fiancé discuss the major differences that are revealed. How can you compromise and learn to not let these differences become triggers for future arguments? Being aware and thinking about solutions is an advantage that will create more harmony in your marriage.

Photo credits: {}

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After...

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Friday, November 9, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Going Green

An eco-friendly wedding involves your awareness and effort in reducing the impact of pollution and waste from your function. You can still have a modern, glamorous event that respects the Earth and has a unique charm that guests will remember forever.

This is how you can incorporate some earth-friendly ideas into your wedding:

Invitations: nowadays there is a lovely variety of recycled paper to choose from. Modern couples are also embracing technology and rather having their own unique wedding website, keeping it all online and saving many trees in the process.

Flowers: choose flowers that will be in full bloom and readily available on your wedding date. Remember that ‘local is lekker’ so order from a local supplier and preferably one who stocks home-grown blossoms.
Photo credit: {}

Dress: do vintage… Re-use your Mom’s, Aunt’s or Gran’s wedding gown. You can re-style it by adding some lace, bows, ribbon or beads to create a completely new look. This is can be very special and sentimental.

Table décor: you can get creative with your centre-pieces by using different coloured wine bottles, recycled glass dishes, locally made weave baskets or funky cookie tins that can be used again for storage.

Food: many venues/caterers are choosing to go organic. Select vegetables and fruits that will naturally be in season and available, this will save some pennies too. You can also make a request that any left-over food must be given to a nearby shelter/charity/old –age home.

Gifts: ‘green’ wedding favours can be in the form of seeds, a herb plant or little bush that guests can re-plant in their garden. It’s a lovely symbol of how your new marriage will also grow and blossom.
Photo credit: {}

The number of earth-friendly products and services is definitely on the increase, making it more accessible for brides and grooms to do their ‘green bit’ by giving something back to nature on their special day.

Tip for Bride-to-be: If your wedding venue doesn’t recycle, make a plan with the groomsmen or friends who are willing to help organise the collection of wine bottles and tins from your function. It may seem like a mission, but it will be a great feeling to know that you’re making a difference.

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After...

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wood words for your wedding....

Are you looking for a few trendy wood words for your wedding? Look no further than Moi Decor, who have just added some new wood words to their rental catalogue... Have a look at how you can use them below. They are fun, versatile and are the perfect detail for your photos!

Photo credits:
First three pics: {}
Last pic: {}

Friday, November 2, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: After you say ‘I do’…

Now it's time for your ‘happy ever after’! The gauntlet has been laid down before you and your handsome ‘knight’ as your spectators now stand back to observe how the REALITY of marriage slowly creeps into your fairy tale. There is a huge difference between a wedding and a marriage and many couples feel a harsh shock as they crash back ‘down to earth’ after all the romantic enchantment.

Photo credit: {}

Your armour for this challenge is to be equipped with realistic EXPECTATIONS. We all have them but they lie dormant in our sub-conscious mind and then expose themselves in moments of anger or frustration. Many relationship books highlight that unmet expectations are the common denominator in many arguments.

To increase your chances, you need to define and explore your assumptions about one another and what you intend for your marriage together. For example: If your partner really doesn’t want to have children but you’re just ‘hoping’ they will change their mind after the wedding. Making presumptions is a big mistake and important factors (like having children) must be clarified before you walk down the aisle.

You should have your ideals and GOALS lined up because this will determine a happier forecast for your marriage. Along with respect, love and good communication, this becomes part of the foundation for a strong partnership. Happy unions also require individual and joint goals, spontaneity, fun and wonderful experiences and achievements to look forward to. These all form the glue that will keep you together and get you through the rewarding quest of marriage.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: A Pre-Marriage Course is the perfect platform to discuss, share and learn about many relevant topics. You and your Fiancé will gain the knowledge and skills you need to create the successful, happy marriage that you want. If you missed out on this beneficial opportunity, it is not too late to complete the course as newly-weds. We all deserve a ‘happy ever after’!

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After....

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Friday, October 26, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice:} Has eloping crossed your mind?

It seems like a tempting option for the frazzled bridal couple who experience high levels of anxiety, planning nightmares, family dilemmas and huge expenses that lead up to their ‘big white wedding.’ Second-time brides will honestly admit that they ‘would never do it all over again!’ and don’t hesitate with the option of eloping. Along with all the movie stars and rock stars who seem to have made it the norm.

Photo credit: {}

To elope, literally means ‘to run away and not return to the point of origin.’ Linked to marriage, it means to run away with one’s lover in order to get married in secret and usually without the consent or knowledge of parents. Modern couples always add a new twist, and today the term is used to infer that the bridal couple are having a small celebration without any guests present and often in an exotic location away from home.

Consider it if…
- You like the idea of saving money
- You don’t want the extra stress and anxiety
- You want to avoid family dilemmas
- You have a thrill for adventure
- You are a more private couple

Definitely not if…
- You are doing it to prove a point or go against your parent’s wishes
- You don’t want to miss out on all the wedding gifts
- You want to have your ‘princess moment’ and experience the spotlight for one day
- You don’t want to forfeit the memories shared with family & friends
- You’ve got any doubts or regrets about your partner

So, if you are going to elope make sure that you are both doing it for the right reasons! It is reassuring to know that it's more accepted nowadays, with many guests favouring the practical option of saving money. You and your Fiancé are responsible for your actions and choices, remember to do what makes you happy!

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Consider making a promise to each other, the family and friends that you’ll have an awesome 1-year wedding anniversary party instead!

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After....

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding styles vs wedding trends

When a bride starts planning the look and feel of her wedding, she can get confused by all the options available to her in terms of which “look” she can choose. A common question is: “What is the difference between a wedding style and a wedding trend?”

A wedding style is considered to be the “theme” of your wedding. It expresses the look and feel of the wedding as a whole. Wedding styles can include: Vintage, shabby chic, rustic, timeless elegance, classic, minimalist, modern, bohemian, country, farm style etc.

A wedding trend is something (a colour, a pattern, a motif) that is popular at a specific time, and may help you execute your wedding style. Some trends go out, and some don’t. Wedding trends can include: Hair braids, birds, the colour mint, the chevron pattern, snack stations, bunting and peplum wedding gowns etc.

Thus, brides should consider how and what trends to incorporate into their wedding style. We often hear brides say: “I don ‘t want it to look dated 5 years from now”. Integrated with caution and lending to the wedding style is probably the best way to bring a trend into a theme. For example: bunting (a vintage trend) and at a vintage themed wedding (style) may not be as timeless as the vintage brooch bouquet (trend).

Photo credits:
Soft romantic table setup: Stella Uys Photography via Teapots & Tulle
Whimsical Alice in Wonderland style: Moi Decor via Teapots & Tulle
Romantic Elegant style: Hannalee Photography
Bunting: Blackframe Photography via Teapots & Tulle
Succulents in chevron planter:
Peplum wedding gown:
Ombre wedding cake:

Friday, October 19, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice:} Watch Out For These Pre-wedding Mistakes

Today’s bride lives in a fast paced world where time flies by and there's always something on the to-do-list. Now add the excitement, nerves and hype around planning the big wedding day and it's easy to understand that some things can fall through the cracks or simply catch up with the bewildered bride.

Here are some of those silly mistakes to look out for:
Choosing vendors in a rush – Do some research and take time in choosing your wedding suppliers. Go visit them personally, see the samples, taste the food and get an overall experience of the service and quality. Referrals from friends or family can be reassuring but might not be your style. Remember you and your fiancé must be happy with your final choices!

Organising your dress too late - Get your dress at least 3 months before your wedding date. Yes, you want to be slim and trim before you purchase your bridal gown but there can be unforeseen delays especially if you are importing your dress or having it made by hand. The same applies to your bridesmaids dresses.

Guessing games with guests - Make sure your venue can seat the number of guests you are inviting. Don’t assume or ‘hold thumbs’ that the distant cousins from America or Aunt Agnes are not going to attend. They just might just surprise you and then you’ve got a problem. You also need to be strict with the RSVP’s because it will affect your budget and the catering plans.

Last minute beauty treatments – If you want a tan then you’ve got to plan! Do a trial of sun-bed or spray-tan session at least 3 months before so that you can see the effect and what will work best for your skin. New lotions and potions can cause an allergic reaction so avoid starting any new beauty products in the month before your wedding day.

Missing out on Pre-Marriage coaching - There is no strict rule as to when you have to do this but it makes sense to get it done in advance and ticked off the long to-do-list. Any time after your engagement is good and it is a great investment in your marriage. You will also gain communication skills on the course that will definitely come in handy with all the planning and decision making.

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After...

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 “off the beaten track” wedding venues in Gauteng

It's no secret that Gauteng has a number of wonderful wedding venues. Once you start your wedding venue search, the Muldersdrift wedding mile comes to mind and with it the wonderful Oakfield Farm, Avianto, Moon and Sixpence and others. Or you may come across some Country Club venues in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. But today we want to present you with our top 5 “off the beaten track” wedding venues in Gauteng. Think palatial barns, decks overlooking ponds with ducks and quaint, enclosed patios. These venues are different from the ‘usual’ and their uniqueness lend them to being "off the beaten track". It is just a coincidence that 4 of the 5 are situated in Pretoria East!

5) Rosemary Hill
Situated on beautiful farmland just 10 minutes from Pretoria East, this venue specializes in authentic farm weddings, whether it be rustic, vintage or shabby chic. They also have a labyrinth, a barn and teagarden and it is a fully functioning organic farm.

For more info, visit
Photo credit:{}

4)Olive Mystery
Just 20 minutes from Pretoria, in Bapsfontein, resides Olive Mystery. Perfect rustic charm for a perfect country wedding. The charming farm surrounds make for wonderful photo opportunities and this venue is easy on the pocket without compromising on quality.

For more info, visit
Photo credit:{}

3) Vivere Country Estate
Also situated in Pretoria East past Silver Lakes this new kid on the block combines French charm with rustic country. With attention paid to the tiniest aesthetic detail, this venue is a perfect blend of sophistication and timelessness. There is a lovely man made deck which overlooks a pond with small ducks, as well as some wildlife which roam the adjacent gardens of the estate. View the shoot at Vivere Country Estate by Hannalee Photography.

For more info, visit Photo credit:{}

2) The Pudding Shop
La Cucino di Ciro, in Parktown North is a Mediterranean styled venue, inspired by the "Lale Restaurant" in Istanbul, Turkey. Due to word of mouth it became known as “The Pudding Shop” from its wide selection of desserts. The actual restaurant serves as the venue and you can take wonderful creative photos in the Pudding Shop at the back of the main restaurant. We love the textured walls, and the patio style dining option.

For more info, visit
Photo credit:{}

2) Ludwigs Roses
Our number one pick for an "off the beaten track" wedding venue is a rose farm in Pretoria. Just before you reach Vivere Country Estate, you will see a sign for Ludwig’s Roses. Originally (and still) a rose farm, the one barn on the property was used to function as a wedding venue for the first time when Ludwig’s eldest daughter Heike got married in March 2011. A perfect blend of rustic farm with over the top bling, as per the chandeliers in the barn.

For more info, visit
Photo credit:{Elsa Young via}

Friday, October 12, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Groomzilla - a new kind of wedding tyrant

You will be familiar with the term 'bridezilla' which is used to describe brides-to-be who become impossible and determined to have the perfect wedding at whatever the cost. Now we have to make way for her partner, Groomzilla. This is a modern epidemic of bossy and stressed out grooms.

What is it? A heterosexual man who is over-involved in planning the wedding day and obsesses about all the small details that were once strictly the bride’s task.
The reason? Men are now making their marriage commitments a lot later and with more life experience tucked ‘under their belts’ they have had time to develop their own acquired tastes and dislikes.

Fingers also point to the wedding industry media who are now focussing a lot more attention on the groom. After all, brides have already been ‘sold’ on this fairy-tale event. Grooms are also contributing more financially and want more of a say in what happens with their investment.

The 21st century male has been shaped by society into changing his thinking when it comes to his self-image. These men feel no shame in going for regular waxes, eyebrow shaping, pedicures and hair treatments. Women have yearned for this ‘new-age’ man but where do we draw the line? I would say when you start booking liposuction and botox treatments together!

The symptoms?
- Your handsome prince charming becomes unreasonably demanding
- He throws temper tantrums with the wedding planner
- You see his internet history list is all wedding sites
- He is triple-checking all the plans that you make
- He wants his bling to be as flashy as yours
- He is considering slimming treatments to lose weight for the big day
- His competitive streak is interfering within all aspect of your relationship

How to approach it? Communication and honesty are always good to start with. Have a discussion with your Fiancé about delegating tasks, finances and clearly defining who is responsible for what. Also create a fun trigger word that will be used to snap each other out of groomzilla or bridezilla moods before it sucks you both in. Lastly, remember that planning a wedding together is an excellent coaching exercise because marriage is all about compromise!

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Get your Fiancé to plan a ‘boys night’ with his close friends. This will re-charge his masculinity and his mates will definitely sort him out!

Photo credits: {}

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After... *With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Wedding Trends

With wedding season 2012 in full swing, we thought to share with you our top wedding trends for Spring/Summer 2012. In terms of looks for the bride, think sophisticated romance which draws its inspiration from THAT big royal wedding last year. Mantilla veils with lace sleeve detail are proving to be the preferred style. Cupcakes are out, macaroons and petit fours are in.

With decor, vintage and boho chic is still a style that remains popular, and can be incorporated with classic items such as candelabras and chandeliers, which adds to the romantic elegance of the overall look. Regarding colours, classic white and ivory with pops of softer colours such as mint, seafoam, peach and coral are combined in flowers, decor and confectionary. The outcome is a delicate and whimsical look which has a timeless allure.

Photo credits: {} {} {} {}{} {}

Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: How to keep the romantic buzz after the honeymoon

Every bridal couple looks forward to their romantic honeymoon after the big day. After all, it's the first holiday that they will spend together as husband and wife. Most of us can imagine the candle-light dinners, lavish food, luxurious hotel rooms, long walks together and lots of “sleep”. Everything on the honeymoon is amplified to seem more magical but sadly not sustainable.

Photo credits:{}

The Oxford English Dictionary indicates that while today honeymoon has a positive meaning, the word was originally a reference to the inevitable waning of love like a phase of the moon.

So how do the newly-weds keep that romantic spark alive after they return home and they have to face the reality of work, house chores and groceries…

Key points on how to keep the romantic buzz:

Variation: it is so easy to settle into a routine and that’s when boredom strikes. To keep spontaneity and the element of excitement alive, couples must vary the time, place and atmosphere when it comes to the bedroom arena.
Communication: couples who engage in regular and open discussions about their sexual enjoyment and differences are better able to understand and each other and deepen their intimacy.
Anticipation: using words and body language throughout the day as foreplay after all ‘sex begins at breakfast’*. Be creative and send a sexy sms during the day to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them or treat each other to a relaxing neck rub when you get home. All this enhances the sacred connection between partners.
Date Nights: it may be a cliché but these are great for setting aside quality time to spend together. Partners should take turns in planning the date night so that there is fun variation, you don’t want to go to the same Italian restaurant every month. Go to the theatre, a comedy show, wine-tasting or dancing, do things that you enjoy together.

Remember you have a lifetime ahead to share, explore and have fun so the sky is the limit, got for it!

*Quote taken from The Marriage Book by Nicky and Sila Lee

Contact Candice* at Live Love Dream and invest in a Pre-Marriage Course to ensure your Happily Ever After...

*With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection.

Lily Young Stationers

If you are looking for unique wedding items such as custom underplates, wine name place cards and photo booth props, then look no further than Pretoria based Lily Young. Not only do they do traditional wedding stationery (invites, save the dates etc) they also provide pretty ideas for confetti, ranging from heart shaped confetti to an array of display options. They also stock Luminaries, which we featured earlier this week on our Etsy find.

Have a look at their product catalogue here or their website.

Photo credits: {}

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Etsy find of the week}: Add Something Extra

We came across a lovely Etsy site called AddSomethingExtra this week that is perfect for the little detailed extras for a wedding or party. Cute tags, cards, gift wrap accessories, and other paper goods that will add something extra. Give them as gifts, use them on gifts, or keep them all to yourself! We particularly love the Kraft luminary bags with scalloped detail. This can be used for wedding favours or treat bags or even to house the confetti. The decorated clothespins are also quite novel and can be used to clip name place settings onto shutters or on plain string.

For more cute items, visit AddSomethingExtra on Etsy.

Photo credits: {}