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Friday, September 7, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Fusion Weddings - A Cultural Affair

You’ve heard about fusion food. It combines foods from different cultures to create a unique cuisine that is delightful and different. Now, we need to apply the same approach when mixing aspects from two different cultures to create a tastefully diverse wedding celebration, that respects the heritage of both Bride and Groom.

Some might tell you that the only option is to have two weddings. However, with the cost and stress of planning one wedding it would be more advantageous to put your thinking caps on and create one special day that beautifully meshes both cultures into one ceremony.

Firstly, you and your Fiancé need to have an open discussion and get clarity from each other as to which traditions must definitely be incorporated and which ones you and/or the family are willing to omit. Remember, that ultimately you two have the final say as it's your day after all.

Here are some fusion tips:

Invitations: Use a balanced mix of both your languages on the invitations or you can add a special saying or quote from each family’s tradition.

Venue: Choose a park, hall or country club that is neutral to both families.

Ceremony: You can consider having two different religious figures to conduct your ceremony or have a translator. This ensures that all your guests get to hear special parts of your ceremony. Beware of long ceremonies as they make for restless guests.

Vows: Recite your vows in your native language so that both your families will understand and feel included in these important words of promise and commitment.

Food: The most practical solution would be to have two separate buffet stations catering to both cultures, this allows guests to see the whole variety and pick what they would like to eat. Find a qualified caterer to help you create the perfect pallet for your reception.

Décor: Utilize colours and flowers that will highlight and showcase the best of both cultures. Asian weddings tend to use dark red and gold, while African weddings prefer a mix of greens, yellows and browns. You may like to combine elements of tradition in the centrepieces displayed on the tables.

Music & Dancing: Both play an integral role in many cultural affairs and capture the spirit of the event. Select popular songs and dances that will get all the guests into the mood for the festivities. Adding some traditional entertainment like drumming or a fire circle can add another unique element. The dance floor is a free zone where any age, culture or language can simply mingle and have fun.

However you and your Groom decide to fuse and merge your different traditions, you will find a way to pay tribute to both of your cultures. In this way you will ensure that your diverse group of guests will all be included in the celebration of your union. They will enjoy a one-of-a-kind wedding that they will remember forever.
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