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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year to our T&T readers! We hope you had a stunning new year and that your 2013 is filled with blessings which know no bounds :)

We’re kicking off the new year with our take on 2013 wedding trends. I did a quick squizz at the trends I posted for 2012 and I'm actually chuffed to say that it was pretty accurate. Yay!

So, what are we likely to see for 2013? Many of the trends established last year will be followed through this year too, the main being the themed, vintage feel being captured with cinematic and/or natural light photography and the choice of more intimate venues that lend to the chosen theme.

Themed weddings
Vintage is here to stay. It’s really elevated itself from being a mere trend to an actual wedding style. Cinematic themes lending to nostalgic, art deco and retro styles will be playing a role in weddings this year (Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, Pan Am). We will see a move towards the sophisticated elegance of plated dinners and formal menus too.

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Prints and Patterns
This detail wont only be limited to invitations or wedding accessories, but we will see this in bridesmaids dresses and cakes too. Chevron, stripes and polka dots as well as floral print to be specific.

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With Emerald being the pantone colour for 2013, colours in these hues will really see a presence in weddings this year. The lighter hues are they crisp and refreshing and perfect for summery weddings, whereas but the darker hues will work well for weddings with a real art deco / roaring 20s feel.

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Laser cut
For place settings, invitations, prop signage, cupcake wrappers.

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Attention to Detail
DIY and custom detail is also going to be popular. Think stamp detail for name place tags and favour bags and paper straws for pre- reception drinks. Metallic foil stamping details on menus and invitations will also be seen. Garlands for decoration in the reception area will also be more than just vintage bunting – heart, circle, pom pom and birdie garlands are also going to be seen.

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Thank you Kate Middleton. Lace isn’t going anywhere and the motif can be seen on almost anything including, but not limited to, dresses, cakes, invitation, table runners, chair ties etc. This also works well with vintage and Great Gatsby themed weddings.

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Illusion necklines on wedding dresses
Playing on the lace theme, wedding dresses will display intricate illusion neckline and back detail. More sophisticated and reflecting a more vintage look, this trend is a continuation from last year.

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