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Monday, March 12, 2012

Autumn Trends for 2012

After the sweltering summer we’ve just experienced, waking up to a cool breeze and a slight nip in the air is more than welcomed! We love Autumn; the crisp mornings, the cooler evenings, amber coloured leaves falling to the ground and no threat of rain... Also, wedding wise, you get more for your buck, so what’s not to love? If you’re getting married this Autumn, then check out our Autumn trends for 2012. Happy reading xx

Pies & Soup
The fabulously friendly dessert table now includes different sweet and savoury pies. In some cases, it is replacing the wedding cakes and cupcakes completely. Although we do love us some cake, so we aren’t really big on it replacing that absolutely. The usual salad starter is replaced with a seasonal soup and crusty breads.

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Navy & Charcoal & Metallics
Deep colours are back for bridesmaids dresses and accents, with the later leaning towards metallic’s for shoes, cakes, decorations and more.

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Capped sleeves, bolero jackets or even fitted lace sleaves ala Kate Middelton. The usually strapless or sweatheart neckline will give way to more detail around this décolletage this Autumn.

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Cozy receptions
With cooler weather, gatherings become more intimated, so comfy couches and coffee tables with throws are a nice addition to your reception area.

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