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Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage blue, blush and ivory inspiration board

Happy Monday friends! Better late than never! Wow, it’s been a busy day for us here at Teapots. Also thanks to the mention on yesterday’s City Press iMagazine, as spotted by Candice at Absolute Perfection! Thanks so much! Anyway, back to business...As an ode to the remnants of summer time, we’ve put together a colour palette inspired by the last lazy days of summer ...vintage blues, ivory and blush. Enjoy!

Photo credits: {}{}{}{}{}{}{}


  1. The wedding dress on the 4th picture is absolutely perfect ! Do you know who is the designer ? The credit photo doesn't like to the good page where the dress is figured

  2. Hi Sophie! It is a stunning dress isn't it? Not sure who the designer is, but the pics source ( points to't know if that will be of any help?