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Friday, May 18, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: The Bridesmaid Brigade

How do you keep them all happy?

Planning goes from peachy to pear-shaped as different personalities and opinions start to clash. The role of your Bridesmaids is to eliminate stress, not create it. They all have your best interests at heart and think they know you best. The reality is that the more Bridesmaids you have the more complicated it tends to become.

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Choose as many as you want but then you better have your wits about you. Be aware that it is natural for your Bridesmaids to compete for your attention and approval. You must have the confidence to establish healthy leadership and boundaries right from the start.

Make sure you choose Bridesmaids that are going to be consistently supportive, fun and honest. This will make it easier for you to manage your Bridesmaids Brigade.

Realistic Expectations:
Discuss the expenses upfront to avoid unexpected surprises. You don’t want your friends’ bank balances to go into the red. Have practical requirements- do you really have to have the stretch Hummer for your bachelorette party? Either way your Bridesmaids have to know what they need to budget for.

Allocating Tasks:
You will know your Bridesmaids’ strengths and limitations so use this to help delegate appropriate activities. Some may have more time and resources to help while others may be happier with a smaller, less traditional role.

The Dress Department:
This is where it gets extra tricky. You may want them all to match, but they may have different ideas. You should want each lady to feel beautiful and comfortable, so be considerate of their different figures. Your flexibility here is well worth it. Perhaps give them some creative room with the design. They will still match and look the part even with slight variations. You remain the star attraction no matter what they wear.

Give and Receive:
Your Bridesmaids’ lives do continue outside your wedding circle. As the bride you are consumed by wedding plans for at least a whole year before your special day. Remember to still enjoy non-wedding related talks and plans together. No matter what’s happening, always be appreciative and thank your Bridesmaids. A thoughtful gift on the wedding day is a symbol of this.

It is possible to keep your Bridesmaids happy! Be upfront, realistic and respectful throughout your wedding experience. Friendships are to be treasured, remember that you are gathering as friends to celebrate a new chapter of love.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Book regular meetings in advance with your Bridesmaids to make sure all your diaries are in synch.

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