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Friday, May 25, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Mirror Mirror on the wall, will I fit into this dress at all?

How many kilograms do I have to shed to fit into my dream dress and look absolutely perfect?

Once the wedding date is set, like the gun firing at the start line, it is Ready Steady Go!!

The irony is that although you’ve already found your handsome Prince who loves you just the way you are, you then decide that an extreme beauty makeover is needed for your wedding day. Just don’t make too many radical changes because you still want your husband-to-be to recognise you when you walk down the aisle.

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Often your motivation is not for health reasons but rather to look exquisite for this one magical day. Numerous Brides put themselves through physical torture and starvation. The decision to lose weight should be a long-term lifestyle choice incorporating a fun exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Team-up with your fiancé and enrol for dance classes or cooking lessons, together you can support each other in making healthier choices for your future.

There is a phenomenon known as ‘natural wedding weight-loss’. It is a welcomed occurrence for most brides and is a result of excessive excitement, nerves and anxiety. It usually kicks in about 3 months prior to the big day. So, you’re guaranteed a little trim on the waistline without you having to do a thing!

The magnificent dress that you spend thousands on is what makes you look and feel like a real Bride. It is definitely worth getting some professional advice on choosing a style that is going to compliment your figure. Your dream dress may not show off the right curves in the right places so be flexible when choosing what suits you. Have an open mind and you will find the gown that won’t force you to slim down.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Every Bride wants to be glowing from the inside and the outside. Nourish your mind with positive affirmations that will boost your self-confidence.

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