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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be kind to your Flower Budget with Babys Breath

With the cost of flowers soaring year on year (which is really due the increasing petrol price), many brides are looking at other options when it comes to wedding flowers. Budget beating trends for flowers in 2012 include:

Faux Flowers
Non Floral bridal bouquets are trendy - click here to see a post we did on a bouquet made entirely of brooches.

Bridesmaids Bouquets
Using these bouquets as your centerpiece flowers means you get a two for one deal! Clever and so practical...

Opting for Babys Breath
This type of foilage is very affordable and done correctly, can look totally stunning. Carla from Moi Decor did a post on this for Lovilee and provided some inspiration on how you can use this flower on your wedding day...

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  1. I love babys breath for weddings....

    this looks gorgeous!