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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Budget beating tips for your FAB wedding

So, in the spirit of yesterday’s budget speech, we’ve decided to give you a list that can help you save some cash when it comes to planning your big day. It’s champagne taste on a beer budget all the way, baby!

* Have your wedding in winter. South African winters are actually lovely – it doesn’t rain, the sun shines and it isn’t totally freezing all the time, so you can get away with a sleeveless dress for most of the event.

* Have your wedding in the week or on a Sunday. This is actually quite popular nowadays, so it is not totally out of the norm anymore.

* Shop around for a good photographer that doesn’t cost the earth. They do exist (examples: the ones featured on this here blog). And nowadays they usually blog their work, so it’s not a hard task.

* Trim the guest list. And stick to it!

* Choose a non-traditional venue (or a new wedding venue that is still trying to establish itself). Less expensive options include restaurants, grand ol’ libraries or your parents' backyard. Just make sure you calculate the costs for items you'll need to bring in, such as porty loos and tables etc.

* Rent your wedding dress or find ones on sale. It’s really only for one day, so spending tons of thousands on one garment that you're going to wear for one day is a bit crazy if you think about it. Rationally.

* Save paper (and money) by doing an e-invite.

* Write your menu on a large chalkboard instead of printing menus for each person/table.

* Instead of getting a catering company to do your wedding, get a few speciality food trucks to serve your guests.

* Make your own favours or skip them all together.

* Use seasonal flowers and re-use your bridesmaids bouquets for your centrepieces. Or use things like fresh wheat (yes, wheat - see picture board below).

* Have a daytime / cocktail reception.

* Simplify your decor requirements and go for items that offer maximum impact with minimum expense such as candles, tasteful balloons and fairy lights.

* Serve signature cocktails and or limit the open bar to just wine and beer.

* Add the finishing touches to a cake yourself (like pretty ribbons or candies) or opt for a smaller cake.

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