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Friday, April 27, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Including little ones on your wedding day

It's Friday, which means it's Aisle Say by Candice day here at Teapots. Also a very happy Freedom day to all our readers! We hope you have a great long weekend!

How to include the little people on your wedding day

Marriage is a meaningful new chapter for you and your husband. It’s also the creation of a new family, if either party already has little ones. Whether it’s a first or second marriage, you want your child/children to feel included and a part of your celebration.

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A flower girl or ring bearer is the perfect role to include your little one(s) in the proceedings of your big day. Plus they get the chance to dress up in a smart dress or suit, which adds to the excitement!

The key is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Here are some great tips:
• A designated ‘baby sitter’- a family member who’ll be with them during the ceremony, keep an eye on them throughout the day and be the exit strategy if they start to cry
• A change of clothes - at the reception, they can eat and have fun without ruining their nice outfits
• A little gift/toy - after the ceremony this can be given to keep them busy and you can add a couple of their other favourite toys to play with
• A walk about – showing them the ceremony surroundings before-hand will make them familiar and more comfortable come the big day

In terms of ceremonies, you can make them feel even more a part of the day by including them in the following:

Unity candle: Have one candle for the couple, a candle for the child/children and a big unity candle. The couple will light their candle together and the youngster(s) will light their candle. Then together they will light the unity candle.

Sand Jar:You'll need different coloured sand for the Bride, Groom and child/children placed into separate glass containers and then together they will pour and blend the sand into one big glass container.

If you are including children anywhere in your wedding day, whether it be your own or a niece/nephew, remember that children will probably not do things exactly as you anticipate. They may suddenly become shy or grumpy, but they’re always cute and will be guaranteed to add some laughter. So, go just with the flow.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Have an allocated area away from all the noise for the little ones who may need to have a nap.

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