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Monday, April 16, 2012

Autumn/Winter Wedding Flowers

When it comes to flowers and fauna in general, my vocab is really limited to: roses, baby’s breath, our proteas and perhaps succulents. Other than those staple wedding flowers, I know not much (ok, maybe Lily of the Valley). So I decided to do a blog post on flowers that are in season now, as we enter Autumn and Winter to a) educate myself and b) provide you with some flower inspiration other than the usual rose/baby’s breath/ succulent inspiration boards.Because as you know, seasonal flowers also mean affordable flowers. Enter the fabulous locally grown tuberoses, daffodils and ranunculuses!


Soft and willowy, they also carry their own lovely scent. You can have them as the sidekick or on their own. Pretty if used for bouquets or centrepieces.
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Delicate little flowers of joy, these happy flowers are so down to earth you can’t help but love them. Potted, they make lovely favours AND can double up as centrepieces. Now, these babies might scream “it’s spring” in the northern hemisphere, but here the Tahiti, Ice Folly and Flower Carpet daffodils are readily available in our winter months.
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This pretty bulb of a flower has intricate detail and can really spruce up a bouquet or centrepiece. Pink is available from June – October with the deep purple, white and yellow gold being available from July.
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