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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glamorous White River Wedding

We don’t often feature weddings outside of Gauteng, because we’re a Gauteng wedding blog after all, but this one was just too gorgeous to resist! And so we just had to share... Claire and Ross’s stunning wedding, shot by Alexander Smith Photography, was held in the little town of White River in Mpumalanga at the Casterbridge Hollow Hotel and Magnolia Restaurant. All we can say is, “WOW!”. Infused with glamour and detail, every aspect of this wedding is to die for! The dress needs its own blog post actually...but the table settings and venue were equally beautiful. Have a look at let us know what you think...
For a look at the rest of the wedding, click here.


  1. Amazing dress! Love the silver pedestal bowl centerpieces too!

  2. Your wedding dress is amazing, its amazing what Wedding Photographers capture, these pictures look so alive and beautiful.