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Friday, April 13, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: When the Bride-to-be turns into Bridezilla

Happy Friday! We’re excited to launch our weekly advice column, Aisle Say by Candice, today. With a Degree in Psychological Counselling, Candice Luck of Live Love Dream specialises in presenting fun, modern Pre-Marriage courses, that assists couples in building a marriage based on communication, transparency and connection. With Aisle Say, she will address some pertinent and personal issues that you may be experiencing as a bride-to-be (or a friend of one)...

How to approach a Bride about her mood swings

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The spotlight is on the Bride, she is planning the wedding of her dreams, she has a hundred things on her mind, she has an overwhelming amount of decisions and choices to make and her stress gremlins are starting to surface… It’s not as critical as an intervention but it's pretty close!

As the Bridesmaid, it's your duty to keep the Bride feeling on top of the world and in control. This sounds easy, but we all know how tough it can be. When you start to see signs of the obsessive, bossy Bridezilla emerging, book her into her favourite day spa immediately. A full body massage will ease the tension out of her body from head to toe and your best friend will be returned to you as her usual self and will now be more receptive to hear what you have to say.

Make a plan to meet up for a relaxed coffee at one of your usual spots. You have to approach her with confidence, a dollop of humour and a touch of gentleness… Reassure her that you are there to assist as much as possible and that you are concerned about her stress levels. Let her know that the Bridezilla is starting to creep in and that it is your aim to banish that monster, to keep her as calm and glowing as possible.

Together create a fun trigger word like: ‘Whoooosaaaa’ or ‘Goooosefraabbaa’ and when the Bridezilla barometer is starting to rise, use the trigger word to snap her out of it… Remind her to stay cool, calm and collected!

When she looks back she will thank you for being a true best friend who saved her from embarrassing Bridezilla episodes!

Tip for the Bride-to-be:
For the sake of your sanity and that of your loved ones, find a healthy exercise activity to de-stress. Start Bikram yoga and sweat it out or try some kick-boxing to punch it out…anything that you can physically do and enjoy will make all the difference! Plus, you will benefit by getting trim and toned to slip gracefully into wedding dress.

Contact Candice at Live Love Dream today for a Pre-Marriage Coaching Course to ensure your happily ever after!

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