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Friday, October 12, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Groomzilla - a new kind of wedding tyrant

You will be familiar with the term 'bridezilla' which is used to describe brides-to-be who become impossible and determined to have the perfect wedding at whatever the cost. Now we have to make way for her partner, Groomzilla. This is a modern epidemic of bossy and stressed out grooms.

What is it? A heterosexual man who is over-involved in planning the wedding day and obsesses about all the small details that were once strictly the bride’s task.
The reason? Men are now making their marriage commitments a lot later and with more life experience tucked ‘under their belts’ they have had time to develop their own acquired tastes and dislikes.

Fingers also point to the wedding industry media who are now focussing a lot more attention on the groom. After all, brides have already been ‘sold’ on this fairy-tale event. Grooms are also contributing more financially and want more of a say in what happens with their investment.

The 21st century male has been shaped by society into changing his thinking when it comes to his self-image. These men feel no shame in going for regular waxes, eyebrow shaping, pedicures and hair treatments. Women have yearned for this ‘new-age’ man but where do we draw the line? I would say when you start booking liposuction and botox treatments together!

The symptoms?
- Your handsome prince charming becomes unreasonably demanding
- He throws temper tantrums with the wedding planner
- You see his internet history list is all wedding sites
- He is triple-checking all the plans that you make
- He wants his bling to be as flashy as yours
- He is considering slimming treatments to lose weight for the big day
- His competitive streak is interfering within all aspect of your relationship

How to approach it? Communication and honesty are always good to start with. Have a discussion with your Fiancé about delegating tasks, finances and clearly defining who is responsible for what. Also create a fun trigger word that will be used to snap each other out of groomzilla or bridezilla moods before it sucks you both in. Lastly, remember that planning a wedding together is an excellent coaching exercise because marriage is all about compromise!

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Get your Fiancé to plan a ‘boys night’ with his close friends. This will re-charge his masculinity and his mates will definitely sort him out!

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