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Friday, October 26, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice:} Has eloping crossed your mind?

It seems like a tempting option for the frazzled bridal couple who experience high levels of anxiety, planning nightmares, family dilemmas and huge expenses that lead up to their ‘big white wedding.’ Second-time brides will honestly admit that they ‘would never do it all over again!’ and don’t hesitate with the option of eloping. Along with all the movie stars and rock stars who seem to have made it the norm.

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To elope, literally means ‘to run away and not return to the point of origin.’ Linked to marriage, it means to run away with one’s lover in order to get married in secret and usually without the consent or knowledge of parents. Modern couples always add a new twist, and today the term is used to infer that the bridal couple are having a small celebration without any guests present and often in an exotic location away from home.

Consider it if…
- You like the idea of saving money
- You don’t want the extra stress and anxiety
- You want to avoid family dilemmas
- You have a thrill for adventure
- You are a more private couple

Definitely not if…
- You are doing it to prove a point or go against your parent’s wishes
- You don’t want to miss out on all the wedding gifts
- You want to have your ‘princess moment’ and experience the spotlight for one day
- You don’t want to forfeit the memories shared with family & friends
- You’ve got any doubts or regrets about your partner

So, if you are going to elope make sure that you are both doing it for the right reasons! It is reassuring to know that it's more accepted nowadays, with many guests favouring the practical option of saving money. You and your Fiancé are responsible for your actions and choices, remember to do what makes you happy!

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Consider making a promise to each other, the family and friends that you’ll have an awesome 1-year wedding anniversary party instead!

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  1. Candice and Carla - thank you for a wonderfully resourceful, informative and helpful blog! I love this post as well as the post on Teapots and Tulle's favorite Gauteng venues, and favorite off-the-beaten track venues. My fiance and i would love to elope, and we are planning an elopement for all the right reasons. I have scoured the web for good elopement venues or packages in Gauteng, and cannot find ANY place that would accommodate an elopement that is budget-friendly, intimate and romantic. The few options i did find were all in the Cape and over-priced. If you have any wonderful yet affordable venue suggestions for a joburg/gauteng elopement or intimate, private wedding it would be so so greatly appreciated. Thanks!