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Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: How to keep the romantic buzz after the honeymoon

Every bridal couple looks forward to their romantic honeymoon after the big day. After all, it's the first holiday that they will spend together as husband and wife. Most of us can imagine the candle-light dinners, lavish food, luxurious hotel rooms, long walks together and lots of “sleep”. Everything on the honeymoon is amplified to seem more magical but sadly not sustainable.

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The Oxford English Dictionary indicates that while today honeymoon has a positive meaning, the word was originally a reference to the inevitable waning of love like a phase of the moon.

So how do the newly-weds keep that romantic spark alive after they return home and they have to face the reality of work, house chores and groceries…

Key points on how to keep the romantic buzz:

Variation: it is so easy to settle into a routine and that’s when boredom strikes. To keep spontaneity and the element of excitement alive, couples must vary the time, place and atmosphere when it comes to the bedroom arena.
Communication: couples who engage in regular and open discussions about their sexual enjoyment and differences are better able to understand and each other and deepen their intimacy.
Anticipation: using words and body language throughout the day as foreplay after all ‘sex begins at breakfast’*. Be creative and send a sexy sms during the day to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them or treat each other to a relaxing neck rub when you get home. All this enhances the sacred connection between partners.
Date Nights: it may be a cliché but these are great for setting aside quality time to spend together. Partners should take turns in planning the date night so that there is fun variation, you don’t want to go to the same Italian restaurant every month. Go to the theatre, a comedy show, wine-tasting or dancing, do things that you enjoy together.

Remember you have a lifetime ahead to share, explore and have fun so the sky is the limit, got for it!

*Quote taken from The Marriage Book by Nicky and Sila Lee

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