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Friday, October 19, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice:} Watch Out For These Pre-wedding Mistakes

Today’s bride lives in a fast paced world where time flies by and there's always something on the to-do-list. Now add the excitement, nerves and hype around planning the big wedding day and it's easy to understand that some things can fall through the cracks or simply catch up with the bewildered bride.

Here are some of those silly mistakes to look out for:
Choosing vendors in a rush – Do some research and take time in choosing your wedding suppliers. Go visit them personally, see the samples, taste the food and get an overall experience of the service and quality. Referrals from friends or family can be reassuring but might not be your style. Remember you and your fiancé must be happy with your final choices!

Organising your dress too late - Get your dress at least 3 months before your wedding date. Yes, you want to be slim and trim before you purchase your bridal gown but there can be unforeseen delays especially if you are importing your dress or having it made by hand. The same applies to your bridesmaids dresses.

Guessing games with guests - Make sure your venue can seat the number of guests you are inviting. Don’t assume or ‘hold thumbs’ that the distant cousins from America or Aunt Agnes are not going to attend. They just might just surprise you and then you’ve got a problem. You also need to be strict with the RSVP’s because it will affect your budget and the catering plans.

Last minute beauty treatments – If you want a tan then you’ve got to plan! Do a trial of sun-bed or spray-tan session at least 3 months before so that you can see the effect and what will work best for your skin. New lotions and potions can cause an allergic reaction so avoid starting any new beauty products in the month before your wedding day.

Missing out on Pre-Marriage coaching - There is no strict rule as to when you have to do this but it makes sense to get it done in advance and ticked off the long to-do-list. Any time after your engagement is good and it is a great investment in your marriage. You will also gain communication skills on the course that will definitely come in handy with all the planning and decision making.

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