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Friday, November 9, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Going Green

An eco-friendly wedding involves your awareness and effort in reducing the impact of pollution and waste from your function. You can still have a modern, glamorous event that respects the Earth and has a unique charm that guests will remember forever.

This is how you can incorporate some earth-friendly ideas into your wedding:

Invitations: nowadays there is a lovely variety of recycled paper to choose from. Modern couples are also embracing technology and rather having their own unique wedding website, keeping it all online and saving many trees in the process.

Flowers: choose flowers that will be in full bloom and readily available on your wedding date. Remember that ‘local is lekker’ so order from a local supplier and preferably one who stocks home-grown blossoms.
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Dress: do vintage… Re-use your Mom’s, Aunt’s or Gran’s wedding gown. You can re-style it by adding some lace, bows, ribbon or beads to create a completely new look. This is can be very special and sentimental.

Table décor: you can get creative with your centre-pieces by using different coloured wine bottles, recycled glass dishes, locally made weave baskets or funky cookie tins that can be used again for storage.

Food: many venues/caterers are choosing to go organic. Select vegetables and fruits that will naturally be in season and available, this will save some pennies too. You can also make a request that any left-over food must be given to a nearby shelter/charity/old –age home.

Gifts: ‘green’ wedding favours can be in the form of seeds, a herb plant or little bush that guests can re-plant in their garden. It’s a lovely symbol of how your new marriage will also grow and blossom.
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The number of earth-friendly products and services is definitely on the increase, making it more accessible for brides and grooms to do their ‘green bit’ by giving something back to nature on their special day.

Tip for Bride-to-be: If your wedding venue doesn’t recycle, make a plan with the groomsmen or friends who are willing to help organise the collection of wine bottles and tins from your function. It may seem like a mission, but it will be a great feeling to know that you’re making a difference.

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