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Friday, November 23, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Quick A-Z Wedding Tips

A- Attitude: Keep a check on each other so that neither of you become the dreaded ‘Bridezilla’ or ‘Groomzilla’

B- Budget: It is good to have a guideline right from the start and stick to it if you want to avoid financial burdens.

C- Children: You must decide if you want these little people and if your venue is child-friendly. Arrange a play corner to keep them busy.

D- Dress: Don’t rush, try on a variety and choose the gown that compliments your curves. You want to look and feel like a princess but still be comfortable.

E- Eco-friendly: Be practical and support local shops/markets with your selection of food, flowers and décor. Select food and flowers that will be in season on your wedding date.

F- Family: Be prepared for a few upsets but remember that on the day everyone will get on just fine. Nobody has the perfect family.

G- Gifts: Modern bridal couples prefer to have money as they’ve already organised their ‘nest’. It is more accepted to mention this in the wedding invitation.

H- Honeymoon: Ensure you have valid visas/passports and find out if you need any special injections beforehand.

I- Invest: It’s worth the time and money to do a Pre-Marriage Course, it will enrich your relationship.

J- Jealousy: Be aware that this can flare up between your bridesmaids. Allocate tasks and put boundaries in place so that each lady knows what’s expected of her.

K- Kit: Be prepared for any little glitches by having a Bride and Groom emergency box with headache pills, safety pins, plasters, anti-bacterial cream etc.

L- Love: Take a step back from all the planning and stress to reflect on what this day is all about. Your wedding is a celebration of a special commitment to the love of your life.

M- Mother of the Bride: Your Mom wants to look and feel amazing for this special occasion. Give her (and Mom-in-law) guidelines with the colours and styles that will compliment your theme.

N- Numbers: Everything comes down to this and guests can be slack about RSVP’ing on time. Have a list/file so you can continuously keep track of your guests and budget.

O- Old traditions: They have got deep origins and no wedding is truly complete without them. You can create your own new traditions too.

P- Priest: Choose a minister/wedding celebrant that you know or who has been referred. It’s a special ceremony and would be impersonal to experience it with a stranger.

Q- Quest: There is a lot of pressure to make the wedding night spectacular. Talk about how you feel and what you would like to do, remembering you have a lifetime ahead together to explore.

R- Rings: The Bride’s ring is all about the sparkle and bling. The Groom’s ring must be durable and comfortable to wear while working, exercising etc.

S- Signed: Your wedding contracts should be sealed and done before you walk down the aisle. It can feel awkward.

T- Toasts: Ensure that all the right people are thanked and acknowledged. Modern Brides are also starting to say a little speech.

U- Union: You may be joining together to form a single unit but you are both unique individuals. Learn to embrace these differences and how it can strengthen your marriage.

V- Vows: more couples are choosing to write their own as it is more personalized and from the heart.

W- Wedding planner: Save yourself a lot of stress. They can get quotes, samples and meetings planned for you as well as keep a budget and timeline check.

X- X-treme weather: Always have a plan B. Our weather patterns are busy changing and with nature there is no guarantee.

Y- Your Bachelor/ette: Discuss the boundaries when it comes to the cost, where and how. You both want to have a fun time but also need to make safety a priority.

Z- Zest: Remember you put the ingredients into your marriage so you have to keep checking the recipe and sometimes you have add in a new spice or try something different.

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