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Friday, November 30, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: What’s Your Marriage Recipe?

There are no more excuses in the 21st century for not being able to create and have the marriage you want. With greater equality and information available, the choice is now yours. You are the chef in the kitchen and can decide what ingredients you want to put into your marriage recipe.

Like most new relationships, it starts off spicy and delicious, you just can’t get enough. Over time, having the same dish repetitively becomes boring unless you add something different. They key is variation to keep it interesting. Often it is just that pinch of salt or sugar that can make all the difference just like the little gestures of love in your relationship that count and keep it together.

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After several years together, you will need to work a bit harder to keep the flavours alive. Remember to experiment with your recipe and be spontaneous. Adding new herbs can spice it up and improve it for the better. Also take note of the quantities you are mixing together because ideally you want to create a wholesome, balanced meal.

Just like a refined whiskey or smooth red wine, so too will your marriage recipe get better with time.

You and your husband get to define and create the recipe of the marriage you want. Whether it is spicy, sweet, savoury or zesty…enjoy concocting your unique mixture that will bring you fulfilment.

M- Make quality time for each other
A- Always be committed & honest
R- Respect, trust & love openly
R- Remember the power of communication
I- Initiate fun and spontaneity
A- Appreciate and accept your differences
G- Gratitude for each day
E- Evolve and share your dreams

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