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Friday, November 16, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Opposites Attract

No matter how in love you are, the reality is that you are both unique and you are definitely going to have your differences. The aim is to not resist or try to convert one another but rather learn how to embrace, appreciate and allow these differences to compliment your relationship.

Now, we tend to assume that we know all our differences but to make sure you’re on the same page, here is a little exercise to do together. It clearly highlights some of the important aspects where your differences can cause possible problems. Generally, you will see how being opposite actually balances your relationship.

Together go down the list and make a mark against each issue where your preferences lie.

J = John and S = Sarah
Money: Spend S ________________________ J Save
Holidays: Adventure S J ________________________ Rest

Money: Spend ________________________ Save
Holidays: Adventure ________________________ Rest
Sleeping: Stay up late ________________________ Get up early
Disagreements: Confront ________________________ Keep peace
Planning: Stick to plans ________________________ Flexible, change easily
Exercise: Active and regular ________________________ Chill and do little
Tidiness: Tidy and organised ________________________ Messy and relaxed
Decisions: Spontaneous ________________________ Cautious
Socially: Extrovert ________________________ Introvert
Change: Easy and enjoy ________________________ Difficult and resist

It is advised that you and your fiancé discuss the major differences that are revealed. How can you compromise and learn to not let these differences become triggers for future arguments? Being aware and thinking about solutions is an advantage that will create more harmony in your marriage.

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