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Friday, June 8, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Here comes the Groom…

Give your groom a helping hand

It’s only fair that we shift the spotlight (just briefly) from the glowing Bride and shine some light on the ‘other half’, the man who makes this memorable day complete.

Most Grooms are pretty clueless as to what’s really required in planning a wedding. Remember, men are ‘wired’ differently. As a Bride, you’ve been dreaming and planning this day in your head for nearly 2 decades. He hasn’t given it a thought at all. However, this isn’t an excuse for him to take a back-seat... but rather time to get clued-up!

Your Groom has an opinion and should have a say, but he is treading in unfamiliar territory. It’s best to include him right from the beginning and get him involved in appropriate tasks that he’ll enjoy, such as the music, food and drinks. Men want to remain macho during all this wedding ‘stuff’, so obviously your Fiancé is not going to be interested in the flowers and frills.

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An important duty on your Groom’s to-do-list is choosing and taking charge of his Groomsmen. You will definitely need to give him some guidelines here. Men are sport-driven and think in terms of ‘teams’ but for your special day you want quality not quantity. When allocating responsibilities, suggest that he does so according to their personalities, i.e. do not give the rings to the forgetful, happy-go-lucky friend who is always losing his car keys.

The speech is another ‘biggy’ on the Groom’s list. Often, he is a lot more anxious about this than is necessary. Reassure him that he is talking among all your family and friends who care and a little fumble during the speech is okay. An alcoholic beverage will also help to settle nerves, something which his Best Man should always have at the ready. Do make it clear that moderation is key, as you don’t want a slurring Groom or Best Man.

Nowdays, the average Groom is getting more involved in the wedding plans. As much as you (the Bride) get stressed out, you must consider your Groom’s needs because the last thing you want is to have a Groomzilla on your hands. Remember: he’s trying to cope with a planning princess and extra financial pressure all whilst still grasping onto all his ‘maleness’. Try to enjoy the chaotic spotlight together and remember it too shall pass.

Tip for the Bride-to-be:Be more patient and understanding with your Fiancé during your wedding frenzy, he may feel more bewildered and pressurised than even you.

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