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Friday, June 29, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Wedding vows - Out with the old, In with the new?

These special words that you exchange on your wedding day are the promises you make to your spouse and create the foundation for your marriage. Your vows should be the compass that guides your partnership through a lifetime of love together. When the going gets tough, they will be the glue.

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Everyone is familiar with the traditional wedding vows. They have been repeated by men and women for decades. There is a certain value attached to tradition as it can offer one a feeling of reassurance; like a classic movie you’ve watched over and over again. This is the play-it-safe option. If you aren’t a confident public speaker then this is the better choice as the vows are usually recited for you.

You also need to consider and respect your religious standpoint as this will influence what sort of vows you can use. There are several adaptations to choose from. Take the time to understand the relevance of the words and not just merely repeat them.

More modern couples are choosing to steer clear of tradition and declare their commitment differently. Writing your own wedding vows can be a great way to personalize the ceremony. However, being original does require more planning. Here are some guidelines to assist you when writing your own vows:

Speak from your heart: an excellent way to express your personal feelings of love and commitment to your Fiancé. You can quote from a poem, share a special memory or use a song. However, your vows should still sound like you especially when you are making promises to your partner.

Short and sweet: both of you should agree on a word-maximum as this will ensure you aren’t going to make your guests sit through lengthy vows. Decide on a tone that suits your personalities, do you want to be romantic, humorous or sentimental?
Practise and memorise: the more you practice the more comfortable you will feel on the day. Be genuine and go with the flow of your emotions. Keep it real and meaningful and you won’t have a problem.

Remember that the vows are ultimately just for you and your partner. They are the most important part of your wedding ceremony. Whether you decide to go with traditional, non-traditional or even a combination of both, the origin of the words exchanged is grounded in a promise you make of a lasting bond.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Print your vows and frame it with a wedding photo as a special reminder of the promises you made on your wedding day.

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