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Friday, June 15, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: The Bachelor vs The Bachelorette

I’m talking about the P-A-R-T-Y!! The epic last night of “freedom” before you become a responsible married adult… Yeah right!

The purpose for both parties is to say goodbye to the single years, but that’s where the similarity stops. For guys it can feel like a curse, for ladies it’s one of the most fun nights out. Whether it is good, bad or nasty, you’ll have memories that you cannot erase.

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Ladies first… Brides Rule
Part one: The kitchen tea party. This has come a long way from exchanging appliances and recipes and now has a spicier focus on the bedroom scene. Modern women prefer to shower the Bride with gifts of lingerie and pampering goodies to make her feel like an adored Goddess. Out with the recipes and in with the intimacy tips!

Part two: The wild night out.
Bridesmaids will bully the Bride into rampant displays of exhibitionism. This may include an ensemble of fish-net stockings, a micro-mini, 15-inch heels and playboy bunny ears. And, let’s not forget the heavily painted face which must include smokey eyes and thick red lips. This is seen as the Bride’s last bit of wildness before she seals the deal.
Mission accomplished.

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Gents next… Grooms Drool
It’s common knowledge that men are ‘wired’ differently to women. The groomsmen plot all sorts of shenanigans to make the Groom made to feel embarrassed, humiliated and helpless. They have even been known to put a Groom on public display at a robot intersection wearing nothing but a tutu and a pink wig (drive through Fourways on a Saturday morning and you’ll see what we mean). It seems they are intent on punishing him for turning his back on bachelorhood.

The ‘unspoken oath’ at all bachelor parties is to only give the gift of alcohol so that the Groom feesl as rough as possible the morning after. Of course another unspoken rule is “No Cameras allowed.“

This is how the ‘doomed Groom’ is sent on his way towards marriage.

T’s and C’s that should apply
1. Do not let a night of stupidity ruin a lifetime of bliss. Make sure you agree on the boundaries for your last party of singledom. Be upfront about what is allowed.

2. Safety is important, plan in advance to have ‘safe cabs’ or designated drivers for the evening. Have accommodation organised too.

3. There are generally copious amounts of drinking involved. At least 2 weeks before the party take a daily supplement that will prepare your liver for the onslaught of alcohol.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Have your hangover “fixes” ready for the morning after.

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