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Monday, June 11, 2012

Confetti Ideas

There are so many different confetti options nowadays – gone are the days when all you were subjected to was rice or typical "punched out paper" confetti circles. This is one way you can showcase your DIY skills or your personality as a couple and have some fun with it!

Cute confetti idea include:
Mini paper planes
Lavender bits
Potpourri (either in a vintage suitcase or tucked in pretty paper cones)
Ribbon wands
Punched out paper from old books or even Dulux colour swatches (you can do stars, hearts, circles or whatever tickles your fancy – choose your punch at an Arts and Crafts stores such as Herbert Evans Craft Store in Rosebank or Fourways or Craft Routes in Woodlands Mall, Pretoria)

Photo credits – clockwise from top:

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