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Friday, June 22, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: What about the bling?

When it comes to the ‘bling’, does size really matter?

Is your fiancé’s love judged according to how big a rock he places on your finger?

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Diamonds will always be a “girl’s best friend” and one of the keys to a woman’s heart. Unfortunately the original meaning of an engagement has lost its value. It used to be symbolic of a partner’s promise to make a commitment and love you forever, but in the 21st Century we all know that a big sparkly stone on your finger is no guarantee for eternity.

Look at the Hollywood celebrities flashing their ginormous ‘rocks’, having luxurious weddings and then getting divorced a few months later. One person ends up broke while the other is left heart-broken. It’s no wonder that in the Western world divorce rates are up to 47%.

Traditionally, a lot more time and money is spent on purchasing the Bride’s twinkly engagement ring than on the Groom’s wedding band. The Groom would have been informed about the important 4 C’s when purchasing his Bride’s ring: carat, clarity, colour and cut. As a modern Bride, you should use what I call the 3 D’s: Design, Durability and Distinct style, to assist you in choosing the right band for your man.

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1. Design - think about the shape and width that will be comfortable for your Groom to wear. Remember he has to get used to wearing it every day. Get your Groom’s correct ring size at a jeweller before purchasing as with new metals (Titanium, Tungsten etc.) you cannot resize them.

2. Durability - there is a wide variety of metals to choose from these days: Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Silver and Tungsten. Consider your Fiancé’s type of work and/or sport activities as this will help determine if you should go with a more scratch resistant metal like Titanium which is 3 times stronger than steel.

3. Distinct style - choose a ring that will reflect his personality. If he’s a tall, loud guy then a thin traditional gold band probably won’t suit him. Perhaps a more modern design in Titanium with a pattern or two-tone combination is more suitable.

What happens if neither of you like the ring that your Fiancé(e) has chosen for you?

On your wedding day you make a vow to stay together “for better or for worse”, so either you speak up and deal with the consequences OR put on a brave smile and bear it. You could also create a new tradition where you upgrade or update your rings every 5 years. I think that is reasonable considering the fast-paced world we live in. We change phones, cars, clothes and jobs constantly so why not change our bling too?

Tip for the Bride-to-be: Engrave your wedding date on the inside of your Groom’s ring so that he has no excuse to ever forget your Anniversary

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