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Friday, August 10, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Good Guest Guide

That’s right! Your guests are an essential part of what makes your wedding day extra special! As Bride and Groom, you’ve plenty of regulations and strict plans to follow to ensure your dream wedding unfolds perfectly. You definitely don’t need your guests adding to your stress!

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We’ve all seen those hilarious YouTube clips of wedding guests, that after a few too many, perform acrobatic dance moves that end up with tables, the cake or flowers sprawling out all over. Or the merry guest who gets a hold of the microphone and confesses true (but humiliating) stories from way back when. You can avoid any unruly guests spoiling this memorable occasion by passing on this informative article that will advise your guests on how to be on their best behaviour.

Top 10 Guest Tips for the Bride-to-be

The following are a list of polite requirements that you should be able to expect from your guests:

1. A Prompt RSVP
All the wedding plans and budgets are dependent on the number of guests attending. Waiting for replies is one of the most annoying issues for the bridal couple.

2. Guests should not ask for a ‘plus 1’
That means that guests cannot assume that their new partner of 2 months will automatically be invited. If the invite doesn’t specifically say, ‘James & Partner’ then you have to fly solo.

3. Arrive early
It's very rude to be late for the ceremony so guests should leave at least 15 minutes spare in case they have trouble with directions or get lost. Guests should not choose to skip the ceremony and just attend the reception, this is not only rude but also inconsiderate.

4. Keep drinking under control
It may be an open-bar but guests remain realistic and respect that there is a limit. There is a wide range of ages attending such an occasion so keep your dignity intact.

5. Suitable attire should be worn
Please NO white. There are NO excuses! There are all the other colours in the rainbow to choose from. The invitation will indicate whether it is more formal or informal.

6. Switching tables is not allowed
The Bride & Groom spend several hours planning and arranging the tables in relation to family and who will get on well with each other, so no playing musical chairs.

7. Guests must buy from the registry
This guarantees that the Bridal couple will be gifted with something that they definitely want/need. The only alternative to this is money bridal couples can always use this.

8. Giving a gift even if a guest is unable to attend
It is courtesy for those who are invited, who cannot attend the wedding, still send/give the bridal couple a gift.

9. It is a courtesy to stay until the cake is cut
This is usually the signal for the older folk that they can now leave and if need be can be a cue for any other guest who would also like to leave.

10. Guests must not publish any wedding photos
With social media buzzing around us all the time, guests should have the sensitivity not to upload photos to Facebook and steal the Bride & Groom’s sharing the magic of their own special moments after becoming Mr & Mrs.

You still want your guests to feel relaxed and enjoy the day but these tips are good reminders that can help avoid any unnecessary issues. Be wise on your choice of guests too, you ideally want only those people that support you and your Groom and are excited to share your happy event.

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