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Monday, August 20, 2012

{Etsy find of the week}: Veils & Beyond

If we come across a cute little find on Etsy Weddings, we will be sure to profile it here on Mondays. We’re currently obsessed with Mantilla Veils, which add an elegant and sophisticated touch to most bridal looks. With birdcage veils being quite popular these days, seeing a traditional Spanish Veil such as these is a refreshing and timeless.

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VeilsandBeyond on are one such creator of these stunning veils. They are typically cut so it curves softly around the shoulders, with a clear plastic comb is sewn on the top front of the veil, under the lace. They can be worn anywhere on the head - on top of your head to fall like a traditional mantilla but can be worn on the back of your head and under/over a hairdo.

You also have a choice of a variety of lengths starting from the “elbow” length to the longer and more regal looking “cathedral” length.

View VeilsandBeyond’s store on Etsy.

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