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Monday, August 13, 2012

Top Tips on your First Dance

The First Dance at your wedding is the first shared “task” as man and wife and signifies a noteworthy moment for the newly married couple. It also sets the mood and tone of your reception. Charis McKeever, owner of JC Dance Studio, has the following tips to help enhance your confidence on the dance floor and make your First Dance a memorable one. “The wedding dance doesn’t need to be technically perfect, only to look natural and be enjoyed by the couple,” says Charis.

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Choose the right instructor. If you’re comfortable it will reflect in your dancing.
Pick a song you both love. Any good dance teacher will be able to adapt a dance to suit.
Give yourself time to learn the new moves. Anything from eight to 12 one hour lessons is ideal.
Don’t over choreograph your routine.
Practise in your wedding shoes so that you both can get used to them.
Arrange a venue run through with your teacher so that you can get a feel for the dance space.
Have fun! No matter what happens on the day, no one else knows your steps and if you look like your enjoying yourselves, they’re unlikely to notice little mistakes.

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