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Friday, August 31, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: The Husband Checklist

As modern women of the world we want the whole package, especially when it comes to a husband. We’re no longer complacent and satisfied with a mere ‘provider’. We want our man to be sensitive, an excellent cook, intimate, emotionally open, financially successful, an energetic Father-to-be and our best companion.

As a Bride-to-be I want you to think back to your giggling, blushing teenage days and recall if you ever made a Husband wish list…? Come on, I know you wrote it down somewhere. Well, it would be interesting to look back and make a comparison with your now fiancé. As a teenager, our world’s view and life experiences are limited, so our list is often unrealistic. There are also way too many Hollywood fairy tale influences that in fact set us up for disappointment in our adult life.

But now that you’ve got a few more years of maturity under your belt, you’ve probably chosen a man with very few ticks on your original wish list. That’s okay. Whether you’ve chosen a Mr Good Guy, Mr Reliable, Mr Gorgeous, Mr Nerd or Mr Bad Boy, I’m sure you’ve found the right match for you.

Here is my breakdown of the realistic core aspects of most successful Husbands:

H- Has values & morals that align with yours
U- Unconditional love & respect for you and family
S- Strives to be a better man in all that he does
B- Builds a successful career
A- Aims to make you happy
N- Negotiates when you argue or make decisions
D- Dreams of the future with you

Now, ladies please don’t get your veil in a twist if your husband-to-be doesn’t match up to every single criteria, although, I’m sure he has most of them and that’s why you said, ‘yes’. Remember, we are all unique individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses and no two relationships are ever the same. What counts, is that you have found a partner to experience life with and grow together through the ups and downs. As long as he is Mr Right for you and makes you happy then that is all that matters.

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Tip for the Bride-to-be: Accept right now that you will never be able to ‘fix’ your Husband! It is only with time, unconditional love and respect that many Husbands make the transformation themselves. The following quote captures this essence: “A wife’s compassion can bring more healing to a man’s heart than any amount of money or medicine.” ~ Anon

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