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Friday, August 3, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: Pennies Instead of Pressies

Once upon a time newly wed couples relied on wedding gifts from their guests to set up their cosy nest. Recent bridal surveys reveal that 60% of modern couples now ask for money instead. While seemingly boring and uncreative, it's actually one of the most appreciated and practical gifts. Let’s face it, there is not a single person who has ever tried to return money.

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Most guests are relieved and happy to be able to give cash instead of searching for the ‘right’ gift. Money is what will truly help the bride and groom instead of duplicate items that will gather dust in a cupboard. It's a common courtesy to let your guests know what the ‘moola’ will be spent on so they feel that they've contributed towards a specific item: Your honeymoon, a dishwasher, a new lounge suite, a king size bed etc.

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A good way to ask for your pennies without offending anyone is to find a little verse/poem that suits you as a couple and can get your request across in a polite way, for example:

Conservative: "As we already have a lot of household items, we hope you won't mind us asking for money instead of traditional wedding gifts. We're planning to spend the money on..."

Thoughtful: "If you were thinking of giving a gift, to help us on our way. A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day. However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way."

Humorous: "Because at first we lived in sin, we've got the sheets and a rubbish bin. A gift from you would be swell, but we'd prefer a donation to our Wishing Well!!"

Clever: "To save you looking, shopping or buying. Here is an idea, we hope you like trying. Come to our wedding, to wish us both well. And bring this small sack, to throw in our wishing well. Fill it with paper all colours will do, gold is our favourite but silver will do. Now that we have saved you, all that fuss. We hope you will come, and celebrate with us."

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At the wedding you will need to organise a designated place where guests can leave their gift of money. Here are a few ideas:

A money tree: guests can clip their envelopes onto a tree representation. It can look very effective and be a lovely symbol of growth. Watch out though for the risk of theft.

A birdcage: can be easily hired and beautifully decorated with ribbons, flowers and hearts, and is a safer option.

A gift box: made from strong cardboard or light ply wood, it can be painted to match your wedding colours and is very practical!

In the Greek and Polish cultures, it's customary to pin money to the Bride’s dress during what they call the ‘money dance’. This is a great idea, so why not start a new tradition for yourself? Either way you view it, money is always well received and there will always be a need for it.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: There will still be some people that don’t like to give money as a gift. Therefore, it's a good idea to set-up a small gift registry for some practical items or décor pieces that you would like for those who choose this option.

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