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Saturday, August 25, 2012

{Aisle Say by Candice}: What about your MOB? (Mother of the Bride)

Your Mother has been with you through all the ups and downs in your life! Now that you’re all grown up and about to become a wife, the role of your Mom is invaluable. She is your ‘magic well’ of support and reassurance during the exciting and stressful planning of your wedding day.

Traditionally, the responsibility of the MOB was to plan her daughter’s entire wedding day. The saying ‘mothers know best’ was the first rule. The modern day MOB generally takes more of a backseat. The independent women of today are generally getting married later in life and have their own ideas of what is best. Even so, the MOB of today have become a trustworthy right hand to the Bride who allocate tasks in the planning of the wedding day.

The MOB’s main responsibilities:

• The Dress: a special task that bonds a mother and daughter is the choosing of your beautiful gown that will transform you from her little girl into an exquisite Bride.

• Wedding reception venue: this will take some perseverance as there are many stunning venues to choose from these days but your Mom can keep you level-headed, suggest pros and cons and share with you her wisdom to help you choose a spot swiftly.

• The Budget: if you are lucky, your parents will be contributing a fair amount to your special day, so it’s important to constantly keep your Mom informed of costs so that she can assist with fair budget ‘management’.

• The Elegant hostess: this is also a day for your Mom to shine in this role. She is to greet guests, mingle and make sure everyone is happy and having a good time - a very familiar role for her.

Tips for your MOB’s dress:

• Style: she should keep cleavage and skin to a minimum even if it's her normal flare. A mid-length or long dress with a jacket is very classy or a tailored pant suit can be worn if more comfortable.

• Colour: white, ivory or champagne choices are frowned upon. Rather look at shades of blue, pink, green or lavender that will enhance your Mom’s natural beauty. Don’t select a colour that is too similar to the bridesmaids.

• Compliment: make sure that both Mothers in the bridal party share and discuss their outfits so as to avoid any duplication or clashing. They don’t have to match but their outfits should blend beautifully in the wedding photographs. Can you picture a burnt orange and soft pink duo- rather tacky and not something you will want to frame!

Keep your bridesmaids close but your Mom even closer as she will be your infinite source of strength, patience, honesty and unconditional love. She is irreplaceable and planning your wedding is a very memorable chapter for both of you.

Tip for the Bride-to-be: After the big day spoil your Mom to a day spa voucher or a special gift that will show your appreciation for all the help, hours of listening and support she gives you.

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